Lynne Curtin’s Daughter Raquel Has A New Look

The fourth season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” introduced viewers to Lynne Curtin and her two teenage daughters, Raquel and Alexa. Throughout Curtin’s two seasons on the show, her co-stars criticized her parenting because of her daughters’ propensity for binge drinking and staying out late.

Fans were shocked to see Raquel, Curtin’s older daughter, in recent modeling photos on Curtin’s Instagram page because she had stepped away from the spotlight after Curtin left RHOC. Raquel has undergone significant life changes, but it appears that she was modeling for her mother’s jewelry line.

Raquel Curtin, 31, a mother of a 6-year-old son, is an exclusive model on Only Fans and other platforms under the name “Suttin.” She also works in the adult film industry. Here is a recent photo of the former RHOC teen.

Raquel Curtin
Raquel Curtin’s recent photo (Source:

Raquel Curtin maintains a sizable social media presence on both her mother’s and her platforms

The most recent image of Raquel Curtin’s oldest daughter, which her mother shared, shows her posing for the Lynne Curtin jewelry line.

The former “RHOC” star also shared images from her outings with Raquel, such as this one from last year. However, there are a few images of the two together on her Instagram:

Since her appearance on RHOC, Raquel Curtin has worked for several publications, including “Suicide Girls,” where she goes by the name Suttin Suicide. Her mother gave her a nose job for her 19th birthday. She refers to herself as “Penthouse Pet” on Instagram.

The majority of Raquel’s Instagram and Twitter photos are NSFW, but here are a few that demonstrate how far she has progressed since her RHOC days.

Lynne Curtin became a grandmother after Rаquel Curtin gave birth to a boy

In a Brávo Insider interview after Rаquel gave birth to her son Cаrter in 2021, Curtin talked openly about being a grandmother. Curtin told the publication, “We don’t use that word [grandmother].” I’m giа… I can’t even speak. How did I become this old when I haven’t even attained adulthood, I ask myself. “I haven’t matured yet,”

Despite not liking the word “grandmother,” Curtin claimed to love her grandson Carter. She gushed, “I love it,” about her expanding family. His mother Ráquel describes her son as the sweetest little boy. There are some pictures of Raquel when she was pregnant and holding her newborn on Reality Wives.

The other daughter of Lynne, Alexa Curtin, has had some legal run-ins since appearing on the popular Bravo series, including an arrest in January 2021 for which she received a 68-day prison sentence.

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