Mandy Moore is going to be a second-time mother

  • Mandy Moore is expecting her second child in the fall.
  • Taylor, the American singer’s husband, has a 15-month-old son.
  • Moore has been updating her fans on her pregnancy via social media.

Mandy Moore announced last week that she’s pregnant, with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith with a second child. 

She’s sharing some happy news with her fans and follower with a glimpse of her new baby.

The actress posted a photo on Instagram in a black and white gingham-print sports bra and a pair of matching leggings on Monday.

She wrote:

‘’I was sick for my first trimester but happy to be feeling better.’’

The married couple wed on 2018. Moree, 38, and her husband Taylor Goldsmith will welcome a new baby fall. 

Apart they were the father and mother of Gus, a 15-month-old son. 

Mandy Moore is going to be a second-time mother

 Moore’s first baby Gus turned 1 

Moore and Goldsmith welcomed their first baby on February 20, 2021.

The couple named him Augustus Harrison Goldsmith.

In February, the proud parents celebrated their son’s first birthday and posted pictures on Instagram.

Moore wrote:

 I’m like diving into this wave as it’s coming at me. It was crazy,” she says of labor pains. “I think that’s what was so wild to me about just the concept of labor.

She added:

‘’I felt super prepared in terms of, ‘I know what I like, I know what’s going to work with me.’ And all of that just went out the window.’’