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McClure Twins

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Ava and Alexis McClure, popular as The McClure Twins, are YouTube stars. The identical twin sisters are famous for their video ‘Twins Realize They Look the Same’.

In 2017, they were named the youngest members of Forbes’ ‘Top Kid Influencers.’

McClure twins are one of the youngest and most gorgeous and adorable female YouTubers. Ava and Alexis McClure were born on 12th July 2013 at West Orange, New Jersey. Their father Justin McClure is an American who was raised in rural North Georgia. Their mother is a Muslim from Nigeria named Aminat (Ami for short).

McClure family(Source: Bra Perucci)

Ami had a Christian mom and a Muslim father. Her bi-racial upbringing made her respect all religions and treat them equally. Justin also was brought up in an atmosphere of religious tolerance and his family was more humane than religious. They adopt only traditions which they feel right and befitting for their family. Justin had mentioned that he adores his wife’s family for their loyalty and community and also the food.

Justin knows Spanish and English. Ava and Alexis’ mom knows the local Nigerian language. Hence it is likely that the twin sisters would learn and be good bilingually. Both the parents are very proud of their two daughters and have tried to inculcate the best in them.

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The prospective arrival of a new sibling

In May 2017, mother Ami told her two gorgeous twins that they would be getting a new sibling. Both Ava and Alexis were elated and also had a lot of questions to ask their mother. Ami recorded their reactions and questions and the ensuing conversation into a video which she posted on their channel. At the start of the video, Ami could be heard saying:

“I wanted to share some news with you. I wanted to share with you that you’re going to be a sister … you’re gonna be a big sister.”

On knowing that the soon-to-come baby could be a boy or a girl, the twin sisters are a bit concerned. One of the twins says:

“I’m excited to have a baby in the house, but I still don’t want a brother. Only a baby, not a brother.”

On asking the reason for not wanting a brother, one of them says:

“Because brothers are stinky,”

The little ones are inquisitive to know how the babies are made, and mama Ami tries to explain and also shows them an ultrasonography picture. One of the twins utters:

“It’s so dark.”

The other queries:

“Why’s he not watching TV?”

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McClure Twins’ online popularity

The twin sisters are quite active on social media. Their parents post lovely and cute videos of the two, their growing up years and their curiosity, learning, and problems. Their first video was posted on the YouTube channel McClure twins in January 2015. They were less than 2 years at that time.

Their most popular video is ‘Twins realize they look the same!’ and it has over 400000 views. Their October 2016 video titled ‘Dada eats all the food!’ went viral and it was also mentioned in prestigious newspapers such as UK’s Daily Mail. A part of their video ‘Twins realize they look the same!’ was featured on the Fox News TV Show Special Report with Bret Baier on November 2016.

The @mccluretwins have the right idea "I don't wanna be a grown up…I wanna be a baby forever!"

Posted by Stush on Saturday, July 29, 2017

The kids also have their own website which sells kids apparels, clothes, and other merchandise. In July 2017, they also uploaded a video where the twins reveal that they do not want to grow up. They say:

“I don’t wanna be a grown up…I wanna be a baby forever!”

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McClure Twins’ real dad

In a racial tweet by Justin McClure dated back to 2011-2014, he had written ignorant things like, “Black woman would name their child ‘Allergies.’”

Justin did apologize to his wife, Ami McClure with whom he has an infant son Tayo McClure and to the world. But there was another big secret, Justin is not the biological father of The McClure Twins!

Ami said:

“In 2012, I married a man I knew I should never have married and finding out that I was pregnant with the girls is what gave me the courage to get out of that relationship because I knew I couldn’t bring children into a toxic and abusive environment. So I did my best as a mother to not allow my mistakes to affect my children.”

She then admitted in an emotional statement:

“Justin and I met after the girls were born. They were a little over a year old. Justin adopted the girls. He is their dad, he’s the only dad they’ve known and he will be the only dad they’ve ever known.”

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