Meet Sasha Czack, the estranged first wife of Sylvester Stallone! About her talent in Photography and her Relationships!

Sasha Czack

Facts of Sasha Czack

Full Name: Sasha Czack
Birth Date: July, 1950
Birth Place: Chester, Pennsylvania, the USA
Marital Status: Divorce
Gender: female
Profession: photographer, actress
Education: University of Notre Dame du Lac
Weight: 50
Height / How tall? : 4 feet 11 inches (1.52m)
Net Worth: $4 million
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: green
Facebook Profile/Page:
Twitter Profile:
Instagram Profile:
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Official Website:
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Who does not know Sylvester Stallone? He is a world-famous actor, filmmaker, and writer of Hollywood. But not many know about his first wife and mother of his two children, Sasha Czack. Here we shall highlight the life of Sasha and talk about her relationship and married life with Sylvester.

Sasha Czack’s birth, age, and life before the fame

If we go down memory lane and dig into the life of Sasha Czack before her fame, we note that she was born on 17 July 1950 as Alexandra Jane Czack in Chester, Pennsylvania, the USA. Information about her family, parents, and siblings is not found. Sasha Czack had a bend and liking for acting right from her young days. She is an American with Caucasian ethnicity.

Sylvester Stallone and wife Sasha(Source: Pinterest)

After her high school graduation, Sasha joined the University of Notre Dame du Lac, the USA. She holds a degree in Media Studies from this University.

 Sasha Czack’s brief career in Hollywood

Sasha Czack started looking for jobs and work after her graduation from the University. She was basically interested in acting in TV and films. Her career started when she was cast in the CBS Network’s soap opera called Love of Life. She did a few other roles in both TV and films when she met Sylvester.

Sylvester Stallone and ex-wife Sasha(Source: Short People Bio)

She got the lead role to play in 1972’s American drama film named Play it as it Lays which was directed by Frank Perry. But unfortunately, she was held back by her fiancé Sylvester who said that he needed her help in typing screenplays.

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 Sasha Czack marriage to Sylvester, son, and divorce

Sylvester soon started getting popular with his roles in films and in 1974 the couple married. The marriage took place on 28 December 1974 and it gathered a lot of media attention at that time. It was a great celebrity affair and soon after the marriage, the couple moved to California.

Sylvester Stallone with wife Sasha and two children(Source: It’s weird)

On 5 May 1976, the couple’s first son was born and they named him Sage Moonblood. Their second child son Seargeoh was born in 1979. However, it was later revealed when he was a toddler that the child is suffering from autism. Sasha became deeply involved with the care of this child and also took active participation in the activities of The Autistic Foundation in the US.

After 11 years of togetherness and happiness, the couple decided to separate and divorced on 14 February 1985. Sylvester paid Sasha $ 12 million at that time and the divorce also led to strained relations between father Stallone and Sage. These relations later improved a bit when they worked together on some films.

Sasha’s career after marriage

Sasha Czack is also a talented photographer and she worked on her son Sage’s debut directorial project called Vic (2006). She portrayed the role of Lily in this movie. Sasha also worked as a photographer in this film. She was also the director and writer of the short film of 1996 called ‘Long Lost Love’. Sasha was the lead still photographer of the film Rocky which was Sylvester’s blockbuster movie which had won 3 Oscars. This film also made a superstar of Stallone.

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Her second marriage and divorce

Sasha Czack with her second husband Rick Ash and her son Sage(Source: Daily Mail)

Sasha met Rick Ash during the making of the film Long Lost Love. She married him in the year 1997 but this marriage was also a brief one and the two divorced though the exact date and year of divorce are not known. There were no children from this relationship.

 Sasha Czack personal tragedy- son’s death

Sasha Czack had this backdrop of unhappiness due to her second son’s autistic problem. She was just about getting some happiness in her life when her son Sage entered the film industry and started directing movies. But this happiness was also short-lived.

Sasha with her late son Sage(Source: Daily Mail)

Sage died in 2012 due to a probable drug overdose or heart ailment. The death of Sage has brought Sasha Czack and Sylvester closer and Sylvester now takes part in the upbringing of his autistic child.

Similarly, Sasha has not remarried and is currently single and taking care of Seargeoh. She is said to have a net worth of $ 10 million.

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Sasha Czack blames painkillers for Sage’s death

Sasha Czack finally opened up about the death of her son Sage. She blamed the painkillers he was taking after having 5 of his tooth removed 2 weeks before his death.

She told:

 “I told him not to do that. I’ve heard about people dying having multiple procedures done to your mouth. Do not have more than one tooth [pulled].”

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