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Who is Inka Williams?

Inka Williams is a French-Australian model who resides in Bali, Indonesia. She started early at the age of 6 months and has modeled for eminent brands such as H&M, Swarovski, Supre, BeBe, and the like.  This eighteen-year-old beauty has an extensive experience in her field and is a source of inspiration for aspiring models. She has a huge fan following and her fans are ever curious to get some bites about her life and career!

Inka Williams’ Birth and growing years

Inka Williams was born on 9 September 1999 in Melbourne, Australia. Her mother is French while her father is Australian. Her parents were in Bali since 19 years when she was born. Melbourne is her father’s hometown and hence it was decided that her delivery would take place there. She has one elder and one younger brother. She was raised in Australia as well as in Bali, Indonesia. Inka Williams talked about her growing years and the influence of fashion on her. She said:

“Most of my friends are like me and grew up on the island. There are eight international schools and 65 different nationalities of expat kids in each that all know one another. Our little community of Bali kids is really into fashion.”

Source: YouTube (Inka Williams)

She also had her own crochet swimwear label with her friends, Reo and Franny. In an interview, Inka had disclosed:

“Actually, my best friends Reo, Franny, and I started our own crochet swimwear label called Akoia when we were just 14 or so. Reo’s mother, who is in retail, now oversees it, but we are all still very much involved in the design process.”

She had studied at Canggu Community School in Bali.

Inka Williams’ Career

Inka Williams did a photo shoot when she was just 6 months old. Recalling those times, Inka had said:

“I found this magazine the other day — well, my mum did — I was 5 months old and it was a baby shoot I did for this magazine. After that, I kept doing this shoot every year for my dad’s friend. It was a princess dress thing; I would do it every year until I outgrew the dresses. I did a couple of jobs for my parents’ friends here and there in Bali.”

She added:

“After that, an agency in Bali called Bali Stars scouted me and got me work for local brands and some brands in Australia — that’s when my following grew. I started doing jobs with big followings like Sabo Skirt, Pepper Mayo and stuff. After that, I got scouted by IMG, and now here I am.”

Source: Reddit (Inka Williams)

Inka Williams has modeled for ELLE Magazine, Samantha Willis, Ripcurl, and Red Earth and is also a part of the Supré Girl Gang. She has an increasing Instagram following of over 999k. Inka recalls:

“It just happened so fast. It’s crazy. I’m really lucky to have all my fans,

She is still modest and grounded with no airs. She hangs out with friends and goes on weekend shopping and trips.

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She has seriously taken to modeling over the past 3 years. After completion of her school, she is headed to London to more seriously venture into this field. Inka also would like to enter into the acting line. Talking about her further dream, she said:

“I really want to get more into it, take lessons and start auditioning for more things,”

Inka knows five languages; English, Indonesian, Balinese, French, and Spanish.  Her other unusual things; she has seven cats and ability to lick her elbow.

She also works for the downtrodden and underprivileged class and has raised funds for Bali Life Street Kid Center. She loves traveling and making and eating smoothies. She would like to own a smoothie business later on in life.

Inka is the new bonds girl

In a 2018 interview with style magazine, she shared her new status as a bonds girl, saying,

“I am the new Bonds girl! It’s an honor for me to stand next to amazing talents such as Miranda Kerr and my great friend Sarah Ellen. I feel so lucky that they chose to work with me, as the New Era collection was inspired by the 90s and it fits in pretty well with my personal style. The collection reminded me of a market in Bali where I find the best 90s-style streetwear.”

Inka’s Relationships

Inka is dating Zak Henry who often features on her Instagram.  They greatly love and respect each other. When Justin Bieber was in Sydney, he had messaged Inka on her Instagram and had wanted to hang out with her. But she was at the airport and could not meet him. Inka also stated:

“I wouldn’t want to date someone famous. I’m good with Zak, he keeps me grounded”

Source: Pinterest (Inka and boyfriend Zak in Disneyland)

She also stated that the communication between her and Justin has not made Zak insecure since he knows that she loves him more.

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