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Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe is an American TV host and narrator who is known for his excellent job on the Discovery Channel’s program called ‘Dirty Jobs’. His series on CNN named as ‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’ is equally popular.  Mike Rowe’s unique and multi-faceted work and career have been much talked about both in the print and audio-visual media.

What has not been discussed much about is his romantic and married life. His career is so overwhelmingly great that it completely overshadows any attempts to know or write about his personal life. The popular websites also have this part of his life left uncovered.

So let us try to find about Mike Rowe’s life on this front.

Is Mike Rowe married? Does he have a wife and children?

Mike Rowe has still been unable to get the right partner for his life. He has never been married and does not have a wife. Neither does Mike Rowe have any children. In 2009, when Mile Rowe was asked about children, Mike Rowe had provided a very wonderful answer. He had said:

“My reasoning for not having kids is due to the fact that I’m selfish. And if ever I change my mind and decide to have a family, my reasoning would be the same”

Source: Liverampup (Mike Rowe)

A very interesting, apt, and philosophical answer indeed!

Did You Know?

  • How old is Mike Rowe?- Mike Rowe was born on 18 March 1962.  As of 2020, his age is 58 years.
  • What is Mike Rowe’s father’s name?- His father’s name is John Rowe.
  • What is Mike Rowe’s net worth?- According to the data of 2020, his net worth is around $35 million.
  • How tall is Mike Rowe?-He stands at a height of 6 feet.

Does Mike Rowe have a girlfriend?

Mike Rowe has been linked to various female celebrities in his lifetime. He was said to be in a relationship with American actress Danielle Burgio. She is known for Trinity fight double in “The Matrix”. However, she sailed smoothly from a Broadway dancer to a top Hollywood stuntwoman.

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She is currently married to producer Robert Merrill and leading a happy married life. It is also said that Mike Rowe was possibly engaged to some woman in the past but it did not materialize into a marriage.

He was also said to be dating Sandy Dotson who is an executive at a data-management company. The relationship came out when the two were caught on a vacation together.

In his Q and A session, when asked about his girlfriend, Mike Rowe had said that he is in a relationship with an understanding woman from San Francisco. He might probably be talking about Sandy Dotson. It has also been said that Sandy had come on 2 episodes of Dirty Jobs for special thanks.

Mike Rowe- The gay rumors

Since no details were forthcoming about Mike Rowe’s love life, many fans and people had started talking about his sexuality. They had assumed that he might possibly be gay. But he was not seen with any male person and he was seen on a vacation with a female about whom he had also mentioned in his answers to commonly asked questions. Hence these rumors died a natural death.

Mike Rowe: Age, Parents, Siblings, and Childhood

Mike Rowe was born on 18 March 1962 to John and Peggy Rowe In Baltimore and is the elder of three brothers. Mike’s current age is 58.  Both his brothers are married. One lives in Florida and another in South Carolina.

Education, School/College, University

He studied at Overlea Sr. High School. He studied English, communications, speech, and music in college and has a degree in Communication studies from Towson University.

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Mike Rowe’s mother spills the bean

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson was able to get some funny and embarrassing childhood details of Mike from Mike’s mom, Peggy.

She revealed:

“You won’t believe it, but he was very shy. He was — in fact, when somebody would come to the front door sometimes, he would just dive under the kitchen table or into the hall closet. And he was a neat freak. He didn’t want to get dirty.”

Net Worth and Salary

Mike Rowe has a net worth around $35 million but his salary is not revealed yet.

Height, Weight, Body size

He has a height of 6 Feet. There is no information about his body weight and body size.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

He is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. He has more than 399k followers on Twitter, has around 869k followers on Twitter and has around 5,419,444 followers on Facebook.

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