Oak Island: Its history, mystery and curse revealed! Know about the ‘Curse of Oak Island’ series and its top cable ratings!

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Have you heard of Oak Island? Well, let me tell you.

Quick Biography

Oak Island’s geography

It is a privately owned island in Lunenburg County lying on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. The Island has an area of 140 acres and is mostly tree-covered. This island is one of the 360 small islands which lie in the Mahone Bay. Its maximum height is 11 m above the sea level.

Source: Wikipedia (Oak Island map)

The island is at a distance of 200 m from the mainland shore and is connected to the mainland by means of a causeway which was constructed in 1965. There is also a gate at this point.

Oak Island gained fame due to the theories about its hidden treasure and the various explorations carried out to retrieve this immense wealth.

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Oak Island: the History

Oak Island is not only shroud in mystery, it also has a great history. The earliest inhabitants of this island were the French fishermen. They used to visit the Western Shore and also had built houses in the nearby town which is now called Chester.

The Britishers had reached this Island and over a span of 7 years had a war with the local French people and expelled them out. The new British Government of Nova Scotia then enacted laws regulating the settlement on the island. They made 32 four-acre plots on it. People were invited to own lands and houses on it.

Source: thechronicleherald.ca (Oak Island in olden days)

In 1759, many people came forward to purchase the land there and the earliest settler was Edward Smith due to which the island for some time was also called ‘Smith’s Island’. In 1778, it was named Gloucester Isle’. Later, it became Oak Island.

In 1784, even soldiers were able to get lands there. Robert Dunfield in 1965 built a causeway connecting the island to Crandall’s Point on the mainland. Currently, Oak Island Tours own more than 78% of the island. The rest is by private companies. There are now two permanent homes and two cottages which are only used part-time.

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The Mystery of the island

Several areas of the island have been said to have hidden treasures under it and this has led to many excavations and treasure hunts conducted there. It has fetched nothing but the theories continue and people continue in their attempts to explore it for wealth.

Source: KiwiReport (Hidden Treasure on Oak Island)

Books on its history and also fiction stories related to it have been written to date. Films have also been made on it. Areas which are claimed to have underneath treasure include Money Pit, Nolan’s Cross, Smith’s Cove, and triangle-shaped swamp.

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Curse of Oak Island

The Oak Island is also embroiled in a curse, people say. The curse is 220 years old and states that before the treasure is found, 7 people must die. The origin of the curse is not known, but it is said that 6 people have died to date. The major part of the island was purchased in 2006 by brothers Ricky and Marty Lagina.

Source: TV BT (TV serial Curse of Oak Island)

They have formed a group of modern treasure hunters and are now exploring the area. They have also converted this investigation into a TV serial on a History channel called ‘Curse of Oak Island’. This show premiered on 5 January 2014 and in December 2014 has been on the top in cable ratings.

On an episode of The Curse of Oak Island which aired in January 2019, the group excavated a metal object metal from Smith’s Cave, and only last year did they excavate across.

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