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Park Chanyeol

Park Chanyeol is a famous South Korean rapper who has gained recognition as a member of the EXO-K group. He is a pop singer and actor and he is known as much for his love affairs as for his career. Let us today get an insight of his life both before and after fame.

Let us get started with his relationship details which make as many headlines as his songs; if not more!

Quick Biography

Park Chanyeol’s Relationship timeline

Park Chanyeol likes Sandara Park from 2NE1. He is, in fact, nervous about her when he stands beside her. But he feels that she is his type of girl. People have speculated that the two are dating since they were once seen wearing the same type of T-shirts. But there have been no official announcements from Park Chanyeol on it.

Chanyeol was earlier in a relationship with a South Korean non-celebrity named Kwak Saebyul who was training to be a flight attendant. He was dating her before he debuted in EXO. Here too Chanyeol had not announced anything about his relationship with her but people had assumed it to be so based on some comments he had made of social media. But this ‘relationship’ did not seem to go far.

He was said to be close to SM Entertainment’s trainee called Kim Ye Jin. A Busan native, Kim was in the KBS choir and had appeared in Shinee’s music video called ‘Amigo’. She was said to be with SNSD but could not continue for some reason. Their relationship also seemed to end there.

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Chanyeol has in many interviews revealed the type of girl he is interested to marry. She should hold the same interests and hobbies as him. She must also enjoy the same kind of music as him and love cooking. Chanyeol also loves cooking and would like to join his wife and cook with her. He expects his future girlfriend to be lively and a straightforward person. He sees the girl’s virtues rather than her physical appearances and is open to dating females older than him as well as his fans.

Though Chanyeol wants to get married soon, he also wants to concentrate on his career first before settling down with his love. He already has decided on how he would move to impress the girl he likes and would like to marry.

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Park Chanyeol’s Birth, Parents, Education and Family

Park Chanyeol was born on 27 November 1992 in Seoul, South Korea. He is also called as simply Chanyeol, Happy Virus, Wealthy Teeth, and King of Derps. He is eve cheerful and happy. His older sister is called Park Yoo-ra and she is an announcer. She is 3 years older than him. The family is a very genuine and real one with a father, mother, sister, and brother. The parents are Park Sung-jin and Lee Young-mi.

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He was a student of the Hyundai Chungun High School, Dong-gu, Ulsan. At the age of 16, Chanyeol had taken admission to a private acting training institute. He learned various musical instruments in childhood and can lay drums, piano, bass, djembe, and the guitar. During his middle school, he and his friends had formed the band called ‘Heavy Noise’. He had also participated in a modeling contest and stood second in it. He auditioned for the SM Entertainment and was selected. He was in the school’s band called Seiren. He also appeared on various media programs and shows. He graduated from Inha University.

Chanyeol’s Professional life starts

Chanyeol was already deeply involved with music during his school and college days. He was featured in TVXQ’s music video, ‘HaHaHa Song’ with Suho and Kai in 2008. In 2010, he was seen in the music video of Girls’ Generation Japanese single, ‘Genie’, and in the music video of Girls’ Generation TTS’s single ‘Twinkle’ with Kai, Sehun, and Baekhyun, and was the model in K.Will’s ‘You Don’t Know Love’

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He debuted in the band EXO in 2012 and was the twelfth and last member to be introduced to the public. He became the lead vocalist of the group. He also involved with songwriting for the group. Besides, Chanyeol is also into acting and has appeared in the sitcom ‘Royal Villa’ in 2013. He was also cast in K.Will’s M/V You Don’t Know Love with actor Lee Hojung. He has also been a member of SBS’s Law of the Jungle in Micronesia and was a member of Roommate.

He has collaborated in songs such as ‘If We Love Again ‘in 2016 with Chen and with Junggigo in 2017’s ‘Let me love you’. He has done some great and adorable roles in TV dramas and movies. He has also been part of several variety shows. He can beatbox and do imitations.

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