“Don’t be afraid. Go where the work is. Be patient. And always be yourself!” Abigail Hawk’s struggles for years has given her all she dream of!

Facts of Abigail Hawk

Full Name: Abigail Hawk
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Father's Name: Robert Gustafson
Mother's Name: Diane Gustafson
Marital Status: Married
Gender: female
Husband / Wife Name: Bryan Spies
Profession: actress
Education: University of Maryland (2004), North Springs High School
Weight: 64 Kg
Height / How tall? : 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
Net Worth: $1 million
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Waist Size: 26 inch
Bra Size: 36 inch
Hip Size: 36 inch
Facebook Profile/Page:
Twitter Profile:
Instagram Profile:
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Official Website:
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Abigail Hawk is an actress and director, who is best known for her role as the assistant detective in the TV series, ‘Blue Blood’. She is best known for the TV series such as ‘The Reality Check’, ‘Law and Order: Victim’s Unit’ and films like ‘The Unidentified’, ‘Across the Universe’ and ‘The Tragedy of Maria Macabre’.

She has been interested in acting since her childhood days. Her birth name was Abigail Gustafson. Her father is Robert Gustafson while her mother is Diane Gustafson. She married Bryan Spies. Bryan is a former employee at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery in New York City, United States. This married couple, they have already given birth to a child. Currently, she is married lives happily with her family.

Source: cartermatt.com (Abigail Hawk)

Developmental years

We may recognize Abigail Hawk as Detective Baker, on hit TV show Blue Bloods Ever since she played Gretl in a community theatre production, Abigail knew she wanted to be an actorWhile an undergraduate in the University of Maryland’s Theatre program, she spent her developmental years of actor training.

Abbie majored in Theatre Performance. Abigail was also in the College Park Scholars program. She was also able to receive a citation in Life Sciences. She was interested in Life Sciences and even completed a work-study trip during her inexperienced year. Being able to combine her theatrical training with coursework in humanities and sciences. These all taught her to think beyond herself.

She chose the Bachelor of Arts (BA) Theatre program rather than a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program. Because she feels that this approach made her education more well-rounded and allowed her to study other subjects that helped shape her worldview.

Source: tdps.umd.edu (Abbie as Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet)

Thankful for her Theatre program experience

Abbie has performed in the School of Theatres. She remembers the excitement around, state-of-the-art facility. She recalls the extensive resources available to Theatre students. Abbie spent many hours researching everything from Shakespearean costume to ambiguous plays and new technologies.

She felt like growing into a community of performing arts students and faculty, with the opening of the new performing arts center.

Abbie is grateful for her experience with her professors in the Theatre program.

They were all nurturing, but they also didn’t hold our hands. They prepared us for the difficulties ahead in the theater world.”

She looks back at Professor Mitchell Hébert (Theatre director) pushing her out of her comfort zone in a class. She says,

“I had the hardest time relating to her. But Mitch helped me discover where we intersected and I learned to let go through the process.”

Source: tdps.umd.edu (Abigail Hawk in Sophisticated Ladies)

She also remembers a performance of Sophisticated Ladies, directed by Professor Scot Reese. They finished the performance full costume and make-up, entirely in the dark because all the lights went out. But the show had to go on. Because of a dedicated student crew and a determined cast, the show went well.

While performing a Richard III monologue, She understood how all the small pieces helped her achieve the one goal of preparing a character for the stage. Because after months of learning intense warm-ups, character work, vocal work, the process finally came together for her.  

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Struggled for years to pursue a career in Acting

After graduating, Abbie moved to New York City to pursue her career in acting. She struggled for years, working in retail to support herself.

In 2010, she was contracted to guest star on Blue Bloods in the role of Detective Baker. The one-time gig became a full role. She has also starred in the TV movie comedy A Christmas in Vermont (2016) and the comedy Almost Paris (2016). For that, she also won the Best Actress Award at the Hill Country Film Festival.

Currently, Abbie is more focused on television than theater as she says,

“that’s where the work is.”

She also appreciates the more flexible schedule that comes with working in television, so she has more time to be with her family and raise her child. She does, however, miss the sense of community in the theater that comes from developing a story arc together. Abbie misses long rehearsal hours and live performances in front of an audience.

Source: screenertv.com (Abigail Hawk)

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 Still in touch with her classmates

Abbie is still in touch with her classmates. She sees all have succeeded, in various ways. Some are actors, some are directors, some are educators, some are producers. while some have gone on to embrace leadership roles in their communities.

She says she still feels with her classmates keeps her grounded and reminds her why she does this work. She says,

“This work – our work as artists – is the means by which we express our collective humanity; art shows us our fragility, our resilience, our constant hunger, our ability to laugh, our ability to regret…  Our work in the arts is healing and vital. I wouldn’t trade my dear friendships with fellow alumni for anything – they are some of the most insightful, inspiring, indomitable souls I have ever had the privilege of knowing.”  

Source: Pinterest (Abigail Hawk)

She talks about her path where she comes from, where she is now, and where she may be headed next. For students who are just starting their careers in the performing arts, she has some advice :

“Don’t be afraid. Go where the work is. Be patient. And always be yourself!”

Abigail Hawk social media profiles

Abigail Hawk is active on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She has gained more than 11k followers on Facebook, more than 1k followers on Twitter, and over 9k followers on Instagram.

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