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Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis has finally returned for season 8 of ‘Rehab Addict’ after having taken nearly two years off from the show. The blonde beauty has been welcomed on the small screen by her fans and audience. Nicole Curtis had taken some time off from her show to concentrate on some personal ailing issues. A lot had happened in her personal life over these two years and it is really great that Nicole Curtis in spite of all odds had managed to remain strong and come out of the whole problem with a smiling face. Her viewers are waiting an entertaining time ahead on the show. Talking about her life, Nicole Curtis said:

“My life is absolutely not perfect. The most important thing for me is to be strong for my children. I’ve never enjoyed the moment because I know it can go away at any time.”

We wish her the best for all her personal as well as on-camera life!

Nicole Curtis’ marriage and first child

Nicole Curtis was initially married to a person by the name of Steve Lane. The exact date and year of her marriage are not known. But she has a son named Ethan with her former husband. Everything was going fine but soon there were some differences and Nicole Curtis and her husband filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in 2009.

Nicole Curtis’ pregnancy and how she tried to hide it

Nicole Curtis was soon found to be pregnant in 2014 but she tried bizarre ways to hide that pregnancy. She first said that she was playing a surrogate mother for someone. Later she said something else. Later she accepted that the child was hers but refused to divulge the name of the baby daddy. In May 2015, Nicole delivered a baby boy named Harper.

Source: Country Living Magazine (Nicole at work)

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Custody battle starts

After the birth of the child, Nicole revealed that the child’s father had deserted her on learning that she is pregnant. Later news came that the father of the child was actually her ex-boyfriend Shane Maguire. Shane then started a legal battle for the custody of the child. The court provided joint custody of the child to the parents. But Shane resides at Michigan while Nicole is staying at Minnesota. Hence it was difficult to follow the terms of the court’s verdict.

Source: Radar Online (Nicole with her ex)

There was a time when Nicole had gone and kidnapped Harper when he was with his father. Shane had also complained that Nicole does not allow him to see his son. Nicole was not ready also for any compromise. So the war continued.

Nicole’s parents and brother are also estranged from her. She is only close to her grandfather. She also considered many of the court’s methods and way of dealing with a mother faulty. She had shared her concerns about it with her fans.

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In 2018, she opened up about the time when she was separated from her son,

“I can’t express in words what it feels like looking at your sick baby and being told that a ‘parenting time’ schedule trumps their wellbeing. I woke up Thanksgiving morning and thanked God that I was able to have that time with him. I arrived at the airport and literally had my baby ripped out of my arms and whisked away as I was ‘screwing up’ Thanksgiving plans. The cycle never ends.”

About Nicole Curtis

Nicole was born on 20 August 1976 and is a strong believer and restorer of old architecture. She has renovated and rehabilitated a number of homes in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Ohio. She does not modernize homes but only restores them to their former glory. She concentrates on pre-World War II homes. Her hometown is Lake Orion, Michigan.

Source: Radar Online (Nicole Curtis)

She now lives in a renovated home in Detroit and has a net worth of around $ 5 million. She was engaged to David Coulier about 9 years ago. But the relationship did not work out due to Nicole’s control issues. The 8th season of her show would be fun and worth watching!

Source: Brobible (Nicole Curtis at work)

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