Salice Rose ( Instagram Star) Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Tattoo

Salice Rose

The social media platforms have given an opportunity to many talented people to showcase their skills and body. Salice Rose is one such person who has gained fame through social media and the internet. Unlike the other Instagram users, Salice Rose has uploaded videos on her Instagram account and has earned a lot of fanbase and popularity due to it.

Let us look into the life and career journey of this Instagram star!

Salice Rose-the birth, age, brothers, and childhood phase

Salice Rose was born on 20 November 1994 in California. Her current age is 23.  She has been raised in the same location as her birth. There is very limited information available about her family and parents. It is just known that she has two brothers. But the names, ages, and work of the two brothers are not known. She is also said to be having a sister called Ashley. Salice Rose is of Peruvian ethnicity.

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Source: YouTube (Salice Rose shows how she used to do high school makeup)

She knows Spanish since her childhood. Salice is a food lover and especially likes pizza rolls, hot Cheetos, s’ more tarts, and Popeyes. She loves music as well and is a fan of R&B Singer named Trey Songz.

No information could be retrieved from her high school and college days.

Salice Rose career as social media star, and online merchandise

Salice Rose started use of her Instagram in August 2013. Her videos on her social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube were liked by her fans and she started accumulating followers. Her fans on Twitter number 180k. On YouTube, her followers are nearly 120K. Her Facebook has more than 1.5 million fans.

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In 2015, her fan count rose sharply and she was getting almost 5000 new fans daily. Her ‘My Story’ on Snapchat received a lot of admiration, fan following, and views. She has more than 7 million followers on her Instagram. She has a account with over 1.7 million followers on it.

Salice Rose also sells merchandise online for companies and includes T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothes. She not only posts funny videos but also does some serious talks related to the growing children.

She often talks about the problems of teenagers and offers ways to tackle them. All this adds immensely to her popularity. Her videos are honest and she talks in a very professional way. She is also very attractive which is a plus point.

Source: YouTube (Salice talks about her first fight)

She also has lovely hair and she often colors them in different color shades. The young people can relate to her videos and the situations she discusses in them. Hence her videos are viewed often and liked by the young population.

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Salice Rose also tries to rope in other celebrities to have the effect and to better her videos quality. This, however, has been criticized by many of the other video makers. She has also faced a lot of criticisms and hate due to her looks which people claim are false. People have called her fake and has also been accused of being a lesbian.

She has not allowed these bad remarks to affect her in any way and continues with the work that she feels is right for the young population. She also preaches on waist training techniques and claims that it helps to reduce the waist size. She has a net worth of 0.4 million USD.

What is the news of her personal life, and boyfriends?

Salice Rose is not married, has no husband or children. She has not opened up about her love life in public. She did make a video in July 2017 which talks about why she gets failures in her relationships. She had also around the same time tweeted about relationships thus:

All this proves that Salice Rose has been exploring and trying to understand the ins and outs of relationships with some self-experience in it. She is single and she has been rumored to be lesbian with no proof of it yet.

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Source: YouTube (Salice talks about how to deal with suicidal feelings)

Salice Rose on YouTube

Salice uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled How to come out to your family on October 12, 2018.

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