Renowned chemist, scientist, and meteorologist John Dalton and his diverse career and modest lifestyle!

Facts of John Dalton

Full Name: John Dalton
Age: 257 years 2 months
Birth Date: September 06,1766
Horoscope: Virgo
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Stone: Sapphire
Lucky Color: Green
Best Match for Marriage: Taurus, Capricorn
Death Date: July 27,1844
Birth Place: Eaglesfield, Cumbria, United Kingdom
Father's Name: Joseph Dalton John Dalton
Mother's Name: Deborah Greenup
Marital Status: Not Known
Gender: male
Profession: chemist, physicist, and meteorologist.
Education: Harris Manchester College, Oxford
Nationality: English
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John Dalton is a famous 18th and 19th-century scientist whose works of recognition include his proposal of the modern atomic theory and color blindness. Born in Eaglesfield, Cumberland, England, the UK on 6 September 1766 into a Quaker family to a weaver father, his early learning was from his father and a private school in the nearby village of Pardshaw Hall. Since his family was extremely poor, John Dalton started to work at the age of 10. At age 12, he taught at the local school which is incredible.

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15-year-old John and his brother Jonathan ran a school not far from their house. He did not attend any college for learning medicine or law but got informal training from a blind gifted philosopher John Gough.

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John Dalton early career

When John Dalton was 27 years old, he was already teaching Mathematics and natural philosophy at New College, Manchester. He was forced to resign at age 34 from the college due to its financial crunch and took to private tutoring.

He started maintaining his meteorological diary when he was 21 and continued doing so for the next 57 years of his life. He has more than 200000 observations entered in this diary. He rediscovered George Hadley’s theory of atmospheric circulation and in 1793 published Meteorological Observations and Essays. In 1801, he published Elements of English Grammar.

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He also did a lot of work on measuring of mountain heights. Come 1794 and John Dalton had 2 successes-Elected membership of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society and his paper ‘Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours’. Both John and his brother were color-blind and hence he interpreted that color blindness was a hereditary condition.

He studied gas laws and vapor pressures. The law of partial pressures made by John Dalton came to be called as Dalton’s Law. He is also a pioneer for the work on atomic theory. He also made his own table of the relative atomic weights of elements.

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He also worked on atmosphere and rain and dew. The topics of his experiments were diverse and also included auxiliary verbs, participles of the English language

He was considered the coarse experimenter since she was able to get his results with the old, rough, and inaccurate instruments even though better instruments were available. He continued to research and write in chemistry and Meteorology until his death in 1944.

John Dalton personal life

John Dalton was a great intellectual, scientist, chemist, and Meteorologist. He lived a modest and unassuming life and never married and also had no children.

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He had very few selected friends. He resided mainly during his lifetime in Manchester and had occasional trips to London and the Lake District. In 1822, he was in Paris for a while and had gone for conferences to Oxford, Dublin, Bristol, and York.

Health and death

John had suffered two minor strokes in 1837 and 1838. There was slight speech impairment but he could do his experiments. In May 1844, he had another stroke and his 26th July meteorological observations were done by his trembling hands. The next day, he fell from his bed and had expired.

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