Rhys Ifans Has a Heartbreaks Dating History

Rhys Ifans’ dating life hasn’t made headlines in a long time. Since the mid-2010s, his name has mostly been mentioned in relation to TV episodes and movies in which he has appeared.

Prior to 2014, this was not the case. In the 2000s and early 2010s, Ifans was quite active in the dating scene, and his personal life received a lot of attention. And, for the most part, the news wasn’t good.

Rhys Ifans’ Relationship History

Jessica Morris

Jessica Morris was Ifans’ first girlfriend, at least as far as the public is aware. In the late 1990s, the two became a thing.

The first photos of the two are from April 1999. They began attending award ceremonies and red carpet events together, posing for photos and not trying to hide their romance.

Having said that, the two never explicitly discussed their relationship. Maybe they didn’t think it was required.

Whatever the case, they continued to make public appearances until 2004. The former couple last appeared in public together in September 2004 when they attended an Alexander McQueen & Another Magazine party on September 16, 2004, the last time they posed for the cameras.

 Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller may be Ifans’ most publicized girlfriend to date. Around 2007, the actor from House of the Dragon and the actress from Anatomy of a Scandal began dating.

Things seemed to move fast between the pair to the outer world. After only a year of dating, the pair became engaged in March 2008.

Ifans reportedly proposed to her three times.

And the actress, who had a turbulent relationship with Jude Law, eventually accepted his proposal on his third try, on her 26th birthday in December 2007. They intended to keep everything private, but reports indicated that they were already arranging a wedding.

Just a few months later, his heart would be broken.

By June 2008, the pair had called it quits on their engagement, and she had already moved on with another man. She stated that things were “never that serious,” and that she didn’t want to settle down and have children just yet.

Ifans, who sold his house and moved in with Miller, became homeless for a time and sought refuge at the homes of friends. He was even seen walking throughout London looking like a broken guy.

Kimberly Stewart

Ifans, on the other hand, would not stay down for long. By the end of July 2008, he had already become the subject of a new dating rumor.

Beginning in mid-July, the two were seen on numerous dates, with the actor even paying a visit to his partner’s London flat one of those nights.

This bond, however, never developed into anything meaningful.

Anna Friel

Anna Friel was Ifans’ most recent and final girlfriend. Accounts differ, but their relationship began in late 2010 or early 2011.

This was possibly Ifans’ most private relationship, as the two did not make many headlines. They were only seen a few times in public.

People, including the media, assumed they were just dating, but Harper’s Bazaar later disclosed that she had been his wife for three years. They married in 2011, however, the precise date is unknown.

Ifans and Friel divorced amicably in 2014, and she claims there was no ill blood between them.

“Things didn’t fall apart because there was no love,” Friel told Harper’s Bazaar in September 2018. “In truth, it was just because we’d become friends or were spending too much time away, and that’s what actors do – it’s our industry.”

Ifans has not been linked to anyone else since their breakup.