Russian Emperor Peter the Great and his empowering and modernizing reforms! Know about his reign over Russia in the 17th and early 18th century!

Russian Emperor Peter the Great and his empowering and modernizing reforms!  Know about his reign over Russia in the 17th and early 18th century!

Facts of Russian Emperor Peter

Full Name:Russian Emperor Peter
Age:49 years 11 months
Birth Date:June 09, 1972
Lucky Number:10
Lucky Stone:Agate
Lucky Color:Yellow
Best Match for Marriage:Leo, Aquarius, Libra
Birth Place:Moscow, Russia
Father's Name:Alexis of Russia
Mother's Name:Natalya Naryshkina
Marital Status:Not Known
Profession:King of Russia
Height / How tall? : 6 feet 7 inches (2.03m)
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Every Nation has a unique and marvelous history! There are historical legends and heroes! Russia also carries its history of makes and breaks! The land has given birth to innumerable cultural, social, and political figures and Peter The Great is one of them! So who exactly is Peter The Great and why is he called ‘The Great’? Let us look into his life and try to decipher it!

Source: Russia Beyond (Peter The Great)

Who exactly was Peter The Great and what was his early life like?

Peter The Great was Peter Alexeyevich and he ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 1682 until his death. He was also called Peter I. His father was Tsar Alexis of Russia. Peter was born on 9 June 1672. It was in Moscow, Old Russia. He seemed to have inherited most of the features of his mother.

Source: History Learning Site (Peter The Great)

Peter’s education was handed over to several tutors. In the year 1676 on 29 January, Alexis died and Peter was just 4 years old then. Peter’s elder half-brother Feodor III of Russia took the reign in his hands. But he was quite weak and sickly. Hence the government was run by  Artamon Matveev.

Death and Feodor III and the ascent of Peter to the throne

Feodor died in 1682 and the next in line was Ivan V who also was ill with an infirm mind. Hence it was decided that Peter would be crowned the Tsar and he was coronated on 25 June 1682. After some protests, Ivan was also named the King and the two ruled the Tsardom under the supervision of their guardians. His half-sister Sophia was particularly keen to act as the ruler but she reigned for 7 years as an autocrat.

Source: World Atlas (Peter The Great)

Peter as a child was more into playing mock battles, shipbuilding, and sailing. Peter tried to get back power from Sophia when he was 17 but there were conspiracies to kill him being hatched by Sophia. Hence he fled to a monastery and after gathering his followers overthrew Sophia and grabbed the power in his hand.

Despite the win, Peter found it difficult to rule since his mother Natalya Naryshkina was acting on his behalf. It was only in 1694 when she died could Peter become an independent ruler. Ivan V too died in 1696 and Peter became the sole ruler.

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His reign

Peter has a huge height of 6 feet and 8 inches and was taller than the other Russians and Europeans. But he was lean and had relatively smaller head and limbs. He also was said to have suffered from tics and petit mal epilepsy.

Source: Pinterest (Peter The Great and his assembly)

His reign is considered one of the greatest in the History of Russia. He made several reforms and modernized Russia. He had advisers from Western Europe and he expanded his Empire and also dreamed of making Russia a maritime power.

There was some opposition to his power and thinking but he handled them. He introduced modern dressing patterns and implemented social modernization.

Source: Saint Petersburg (Peter The Great and his ambition to make Russia a maritime power)

He started taxing people who would not listen to his requests for shaving the beards and not wearing long robes. He expanded his empire and faced the Ottoman Empire. He sought European help but was unable to defeat the Ottomans. He toured Europe on the ‘Grand Embassy’.

The rebellions, uprisings, mutinies and their suppression

There were some rebellions during his reign but Peter was successful in suppressing them and emerging the winner. He attacked the Ottoman Empire in 1710 and initiated the Russo-Turkish war. But he had to return ports he had seized in 1697.

The later years

Peter continued introducing social reforms to modernize Russia. He made peace with Sweden and was declared Emperor of All Russia. He used to always try to learn the good things from the West and implement them in his Tsardom.

Source: AZ Quotes (Peter the Great and his quote)

His marriages and children

Peter had an arranged marriage with his first wife in 1689. She was  Eudoxia Lopukhina. She was selected by his mother. He had a German mistress called Anna Moris. Peter was unhappy with Eudoxia and he divorced her and forced her to become a nun. He had three children with her. Only one of them survived adulthood.

Source: Crowns, Tiaras, and coronets (Empress Catherine I)

His mistress was peasant Martha Skavronskaya (1702-1704). She was renamed Catherine and married him in 1707 secretly. He remarried her in 1712. He had a total of 14 children with his two wives but only three reached adulthood.

His death

Source: Pinterest (Peter the Great on his death bed)

Since 1723, Peter started having urinary problems. He was bedridden for almost 4-6 months. He was better for some time but again in January 1725 had uremic symptoms.  He died on 8 February 1725. His wife Catherine who was crowned the Empress took over the throne after his death.

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