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Facts of Alex Lagina

Full Name: Alex Lagina
Father's Name: Marty Lagina
Mother's Name: M. Olivia Lagina
Marital Status: Single
Gender: male
Profession: Reality TV star, miner
Education: U-M’s College of Engineering
Nationality: American
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Alex Lagina is one of the members of the team whose goal is to dig out the hidden treasure of Oak Island.

What is and where is the Oak Island?

The major part of Oak Island is owned by the Oak Island Tours Company which arranges the tours to this island and also is into the exploration for the buried treasure of Oak Island. This privately owned island is off Nova Scotia, Canada, and is on its southern shore. It is 140-acres in the area and is mainly tree-covered. It falls in Lunenburg County and is one of the 360 islands which are present in the Mahone Bay.

Oak Island, Canada(Source: YouTubeoak island)

Furthermore, it is 200 meters from the shore and its maximum level is just 11 meters above sea level. It is connected to the mainland by means of a bridge and a gate.

The mystery and curse of the island

The island is embroiled in a mystery. There is famous folklore which states that there is a lot of treasure hidden on this island and specific points have been stated to contain it. Various explorations have been carried out in the past in a quest to unearth this treasure but failed.

It has also been said that 7 people will have to die before the treasure is found; 6 people have already died due to various accidents during the digging process.

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Alex Lagina- the Lagina family member

The owners of the major part of the island are the Lagina brothers- Rick and Marty Lagina. The elder brother is Rick Lagina who is a retired US post office worker. He greatly believes that there definitely is a treasure beneath the island and he had first come to know about it when he was reading Reader’s Digest in 1965.

Alex with a find(Source: Monsters and Critics)

Likewise, his brother, Marty is an engineer and a businessman. Alex is the son of Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina’s nephew. Alex is the team member of the excavation team.

Similarly, the whole excavation is being caught on camera on Discovery Channel and aired as the show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ which premiered in 2014. Alex Lagina is the producer of this show. In 2016, there was a spin-off show called ‘The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling down’ on which Alex is again a co-producer.

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Alex Lagina’s birth and childhood

Alex Lagina is the son of Marty Lagina(father) and his wife M. Olivia Lagina(mother). His father is the producer of the show and the main person on the excavating team. His mother is also a mechanical engineer from Michigan. He has a sister called Maddie.

Alex with family(Source: Facebook)

The family resides in Traverse, Michigan.

Moreover, there are no details about his school but he had graduated from U-M’s College of Engineering in 2008. He then moved back to his family home to help out in the family business.

Alex and his career, TV show

For career, Alex Lagina joined his father in trying to discover the buried treasure on Oak Island. He also appears on the TV show and is also the producer on it. He had said:

“It’s a really complicated engineering problem,”

Alex with his father(Source: Pinterest)

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Similarly, Alex Lagina loves his family and father. The family also owns the Villa Mari Vineyard which is located in Traverse, Michigan, where Alex is the general manager. Talking about his father’s love for wine, Alex had said:

“….always have a barrel of wine in the basement. Dad likes to say wine is in his blood.”

Likewise, he also looks into the working of the Oak Island Tours Company and manages the tours to the island and the museum they have built there. This museum has articles which they have picked up from the island or during their excavation and photography is forbidden in this museum. He considers the treasure hunt a great opportunity to be with his family and grow closer to them. He said:

“It’s an opportunity to spend time with my uncle and dad doing this crazy adventure, and that’s a great thing,”

Alex with his uncle(Source: Pinterest)

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Alex Lagina’s net worth and salary

Alex Lagina has made a fortune out of the TV show. There is no info on what is his net worth and salary. But his father Marty’s income is estimated to be more than $2 million.

Alex’s girlfriend and relationship

Alex has not disclosed his relationship or girlfriend. Similarly, it is not known whether he is dating anyone nor is anything known about his past relationships. Furthermore, he is not married, has no wife or children.

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