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Who is Sean van der Wilt?

Sean van der Wilt is an actor who is a pop singer and actor who is from Pennsylvania. He gained recognition through the release of his debut single in 2013 which was called “S.W.C ft. Mark Cole”.

Sean van der Wilt and his growing years

Sean van der Wilt is 38 years old and was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the USA on 21 January 1980. He was raised along with his four siblings in New Jersey. He is third in birth order. He has a brother and three sisters. He had once tweeted about his father:

“My father was the most kind, loving, understanding and supportive person I’ve ever met in my whole life. Everyday since I moved out at 19 he would call me to tell me that I am doing a great job and to keep up the good work. Why did he have to suffer so much. WHY? Only god knows.”

He lost his father in December 2017. In November 2015 was his parents’ 46th wedding anniversary. As regards his education, there is scarce information. He was into the gymnasium at his high school. He started his formal gymnastic training when he was 6 and by age of 10, he was already choreographing his trampoline routines to the music he liked.

He loved music right from his childhood days.

Sean van der Wilt and his career

Sean is a multi-talented entertainer. He is an actor, singer, and dancer. He is also a songwriter and has a bold stage presence. He is full of energy during his performance. Sean used to dance and also choreograph. He was with Big Apple and used to dance and also do choreography.

Source: Pinterest (Sean)

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But, in 2012, he decided to put it in the background and concentrate on his singing and musical career. He worked solo and released his first single called “S.W.C ft. Mark Cole” within a year in 2013. The same year, VIBE magazine had stated that he is a great entertainer. They had written:

“Among the most underrated threats of the decade is Sean van der Wilt. The video features the stunning Tyne Stecklein (of Dancing with the Stars acclaim) and clearly marks Sean’s re-entrance to the world of pop, now with a new dash of EDM to go along his already familiar dance, stunning voice, and his indisputable and remarkable showmanship….”

Sean has performed with some of the best singers in the industry such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Usher, Cher, Christina Aguilera, and also Michael Jackson. He had got the opportunity to learn from the best and he utilized it to the maximum.

Source: YouTube (Sean)

After the release of his first single, Sean made collaboration with producer Mark Cole and has also been writing and performing more new tracks. He has a catalog on Soundcloud on which all his songs can be heard.

Sean has also performed at various events such as at the famous Viper Room, celebrity hot spot House of Blues, Supperclub and also in various prestigious music festivals. His motto in life is “GO ALL OUT”. He has also released a music video called WET which has a high energy dance in it. His net worth is not certain.

Source: Celebrity stats (Sean)

Sean and his love life

Sean is not married. He has no children. He had a girlfriend named Trisha Paytas whom he began dating in 2015. In 2016, the couple had split.

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Source: WDW (Sean and Trisha with friends)