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Lauren Simpson

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Lauren Simpson’s birth and childhood

Lauren Simpson was born in Sydney, Australia on September 29, 1990. She holds an Australian nationality. During her high school days, Lauren Simpson was good at sports and used to play netball, touch football, athletics, and swimming. Her upbringing was also in Sydney.

Lauren had some kidney tumor when young and had needed a surgery and chemotherapy for it. But now she is ok and fully recovered.

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After completing her graduation when Lauren was 20 years old, she started work as an HR Coordinator in a financial advisory firm. Her work was quite monotonous and found it too boring. In order to beat this boredom, Lauren enrolled her name at the local gym. She soon loved the workouts but did not have the proper guidance on it.

Lauren Simpson overdoes her workouts

Lauren Simpson was so fond of the workouts that she started doing it on a greater scale. She was also ignorant about nutrition and bodybuilding. She on her own cut down her daily caloric intake to 1000 calories per day and did intense cardio exercises. All this was unsupervised. She had no trainer to guide her. The end result was that it led to a severe underweight body and anxiety.

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She was in trouble both physically as well as mentally. She was too ill to attend any social events and was drawn away from her friends and family.

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She realized that something was wrong grossly. Talking about it, Lauren said:

“I learnt that health and fitness shouldn’t be about punishing yourself to a point where you are unhappy. I aspire to be fit and strong, but most importantly with my health, happiness, friends and family as first priority.”

Lauren Simpson- The turning point

At the age of 24, she started her journey to recovery and fitness. She found herself a personal trainer. She started eating healthy and doing adequate exercises. Her body shape gradually started improving and she was on the road to recovery.

She was happy with her transformation and started uploading pictures of her athletic body on her Instagram account. Her photos soon got viral and she amassed a significant number of followers. She was encouraged and worked on her body further.

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Lauren Simpson’s Fitness Competitions

Lauren came to know about certain fitness competitions and participated in them. She trained herself for an even better body. Her inspirational models were Paige Hathaway and Michelle Lewin. She won the title and Overall title at the INBA Southern Cross Championships in April 2015. She also earned the trophy at the 2015 INBA Sydney Super Bodies show. In 2 years time, Lauren had become a professional bikini athlete.

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Lauren Simpson- The professional bikini athlete

She then participated in the WBFF Fitness and Fashion Gold Coast and finished in the first 3. She currently trains 6 times a week to maintain her physique. She takes 1-2 walks per week. Lauren proudly states:

“I have also found a love for ‘lifting heavy’ and find that being strong has been very empowering. I can now squat and dead lift over double my body weight which rivals a lot of men in my gym.”

Source: (Lauren Simpson)

She sticks now to a balanced diet with more lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. She said:

“I eat pretty plain and simple a majority of the time but I do LOVE to make my healthy Mexican bowls when I’m feeling a little fancy.”

Lauren is self-motivated and believes that small accomplishments could help one to win!

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