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Sophie Raworth

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Sophie Raworth is a British journalist and broadcaster. She is a BBC anchor and newsreader. Her wiki reveals that she hails from South West London and joined BBC in 1992.

Quick Biography

Sophie Raworth and her childhood days

Sophie was born on 15 May 1968 in Redhill, Surrey, England. Her full name is Sophie Jane Raworth. Her father was a businessman while her mother worked as a florist. She was raised in an exclusive area of Twickenham in S-W London and studied at Putney High School and later at St. Paul’s Girls High School. After high school graduation, Sophie completed a degree in French and German at the University of Manchester.

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Sophie did a teaching job for a year. She taught English to teenagers in Toulouse and later took up a postgraduate course in broadcasting and journalism at the City University, London which she completed.

Sophie and her career with BBC

Sophie joined BBC in 1992 and was a news reporter for Greater Manchester Radio. In April 1994, she became a BBC Regions correspondent in Brussels. In May 1995 she was promoted and became the regular joint presenter of BBC’s Look North program in Leeds.

Sophie went on to join the national TV in 1997. She was co-presenter for the BBC1 Breakfast News program. In 2000, she joined Breakfast on BBC. In January 2003, she was shifted to Six O’Clock News.

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After her return from maternity leave, Sophie joined BBC News at One. Besides the regular programs, Sophie also has presented some special shows and events on the BBC. She has covered Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Our Monarchy-The Next 50 years, Tomorrow’s World, Dream Lives, and did the quiz show called ‘Judgemental’.

In 2004, Sophie was on BBC fashion Show What Not to Wear. She also covered the Children’s Party at the Palace. From early 2009, Sophie is the presenter for BBC News at Six and BBC News at Ten.

Sophie has also been the presenter of the program called The Trouble with Working Women along with Justin Rowlatt. The same year, Sophie was the presenter of the Crimewatch Roadshow on BBC1.

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She did a cameo role in 2013’s film called A Good day to Die Hard. She presented WatchDog Daily in 2012 and 2014 she was also the host of WatchDog Test House. In September 2015, she became the main presenter on WatchDog. She also became the host of Crimewatch in 2016. She has gathered a net worth of $ 7 million.

Sophie and her life-boyfriend, husband, children

Sophie is a married woman. Her husband is Richard Winter whom she married on 13 December 2003. The marriage was held at the local church in London. The couple has three adorable children; daughter Ella, daughter Georgia, and son Oliver.

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Talking about her weekends, Sophie said:

“I don’t have much planned at weekends, except to hang out with my husband, Richard Winter……Having children really changes your relationship with your parents: we see so much more of them now.”

In 2005 after the birth of Ella, Sophie had also said:

“Richard and I will go to see a film. Now that we have a baby, we tend to watch most things on DVD, so it’s quite a treat to go to the cinema. I’m seeing Pride and Prejudice this weekend. I’m very choosy. What I like best are period films or clever dramas, something memorable and uplifting, such as Cinderella Man, which I saw recently.”