The Spanish serial killer, Ramon Laso: Bio, Wiki, Murder, Crimes, Wife

Facts of Ramon Laso

Full Name:Ramon Laso
Birth Date:, 1955
Birth Place:Jaen, Spain
Marital Status:Not Known
Profession:serial killer, pimp
Hair Color:bald
Eye Color:Brown
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Ramon Laso bio, birth, family, and education

Ramon Laso was born in 1955 in Jaen, Spain. There is no information provided by his parents. It is also not known whether he had any other siblings or close relatives. One does not also know about his childhood, growing years, or education level. He had lived most of his life in  Tarragona province, Eastern Spain.

Ramon Laso wife, son, illegal brothel, and as a pimp

He married Dolors ‘Lolita’ Camacho (born 1963) and had two children with her. They were residing in Amposta, Tarragona. His brother-in-law Miguel Camacho and Ramon used to run a brothel in their four-room farmyard. Ramon was the pimp and used to recruit prostitutes for his illegal business. The business was flourishing and Ramon used to have relationships with the prostitutes. He used to also cheat his wife with other women.

Source: Diaridetarragona (Accused Ramon Laso)

However, this phase was soon to end since he had a feud with Miguel Camacho.

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Ramon Laso murders wife and son

On June 9, 1988, Dolors’ decapitated body was found on the rail tracks near Amposta Station. In spite of suspicions raised by the Camachos, the death was put as a suicide and the files were closed. Nine months later, Laso’s car was said to have fallen 20 meters off the cliff. Ramon was in the car with his 6-year-old son.

Ramon Laso claimed that he also had fallen and was unconscious for around 15 minutes. But he had no harm while his son was killed and incinerated in the car. He received 3.5 million pesetas (around $25300) in car insurance claims. He used the money to open a video rental store.

Source: El Pais (Convict Ramon Laso)

A private investigator hired by Miguel revealed that both the accidents were staged. The law got up with Ramon and he was unable to answer many of the questions raised. His versions varied and he later admitted to having staged the accidents but said that he was innocent. He was tried and convicted to 56 years in prison in 1993.

He was later released due to good behavior in 1999 on parole. The whereabouts or fate of his second child is not known.

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Ramon Laso murders second wife and brother in law

Ramon Laso took up the job of a cemetery undertaker, ambulance driver, and a barman. He met Julia Lamas who worked as a caretaker at a downtown building on the Rambla de Tarragona. She had a son named Daniel from a previous marriage and the son used to reside at Morella, Castellon.

Ramon married her and took advantage of the fact that Julia was unaware of his criminal past.

Source: El Pais (Julia’s son from the first marriage, Daniel and her sister Mercedes)

However, he continued with his previous behavior and had multiple extra-marital affairs. He also had a relationship with his wife’s sister called Mercedes Lamas who was married to Maurici Font. Font had retired from work as a guardian of the Joan XXIII Hospital. Ramon urged Mercedes many times that they should divorce their respective spouses and remarry each other. But Mercedes had refused.

On 29 March 2009, Ramon Laso took Font to his orchard property and later went to pick up his wife. Both Font and Julia were not seen after that. He then met Mercedes and told her that Font and Julia had eloped together. He brushed aside Mercedes’ advice to go and report the matter to the police.

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Source: Crimanalia (Mercedes Lamas)

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Ramon Laso is convicted

Mercedes, however, informed the police since she was suspicious of the whole matter. Ramon also tried to simulate that Font and Julia were alive and well and had gone away on their own free will. However, police investigation revealed that Ramon was present at the places where the phone calls presumably came from.

He was arrested in 2011 and trialed in court. 9 out of 10 jurors voted against him and he was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2014. The bodies, however, were never found and this was the first case of a conviction without the body.

Source: El Mundo (Fatimah interviewing Ramon)

Ramon is now in prison and Spanish criminologist and journalist, Fatimah Llambrich had written a book called Sin Cadaver (Without corpse) on the whole incidents and trials!

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