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Steve Rash

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Steve Rash is a famous American director and producer who has produced such hit films as Can’t Buy Me Love, Queens Logic, The Buddy Holly Story, and Bring it on: All or Nothing.

Steve Rash-birth, early years and interest in filmmaking

Steve Rash is a native of Dallas. His exact date of birth remains unknown but some websites have mentioned the year of his birth as 1955. Hence his current age could be said to be 63-64 years. When he was 8, Steve Rash used his father’s 8 mm Kodak camera to make movies.

Source: Getty Images (Steve Rash and actor Joe Mantegna on set for the movie “Queens Logic” )

In high school, Steve worked as a press photographer and this only led to an increase in his interest in films and their creation. There is limited information on his parents, siblings, and family.

Steve Rash has studied music at Texas A&M and learned film/TV at the University of Texas.

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Steve Rash and his early job

Steve Rash got his first job after his graduation and this was as a camera operator at WFAA-TV which is affiliated to ABC. He worked hard and was promoted and rose through the ranks in ABC Sports. He has captured various events such as NCAA event, NFL football and also the Olympics through his camera.

Source: IMDb (Steve)

Steve Rash and his music video shoots

In the 70s, Steve used to photograph music videos for the TV series Sump’n Else. He also began directing these music videos. Steve also commenced doing syndicated music programs such as The Now Explosion and Music Connection which led to the formation of MTV. Big stars such as Billy Joel, BB King, and Kenny Rogers have appeared on his music videos. He also directed several syndicated musical variety programs.

Steve Rash and his first feature film direction

Source: IMDb (Steve)

With the experience of directing music videos, Steve Rash went on to develop his first feature film in the year 1978. It was critically acclaimed and critics called it ‘the definitive rock ‘n roll movie’. His film was a biographical one called The Buddy Holly Story and was the life story of musician Buddy Holly. It has an Academy award-winning music score and also got an Oscar. It was made on a budget of $ 1.2 to 2 million and had box office returns of $ 14.3 million.

His other films include Queen’s Logic, Held Up (2000), Good Advice, Crooked Arrows (2012), Under the Rainbow, Eddie, and Vanishing America. Talking about the film Can’t Buy me Love, Steve said:

“It (the script) was very entertaining and a lot of fun on the surface, But what really appealed to me was an undercurrent of morality without being heavy-handed. I felt the kids would respond to it without resenting it.”

He also made DVD sequels to Road Trip, Zenon, American Pie, and Bring it On.

He resides now in Los Angeles in an apartment and has a net worth of $ 2 million.

Steve Rash and his various body measurements

Steve Rash has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and a weight of 88 kg. He has blue-colored eyes and grey hair. He is not known to have any tattoos on his body.

Source; Vimeo (Steve at an interview at Macon Film Festival)

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Steve Rash and his relationship status

Steve Rash is a married man with two children. His wife’s name is Maggie and his children are Stephanie and Christopher. He lived 10 years in Philadelphia’s Mount Airy neighborhood and later at Buckingham area for 5 years. They stayed at Bucks County, Pennsylvania for some years before making the move to LA.