Surprise Dates for Sutton Foster and Her Husband

Keeping the romance alive after children might be difficult. Most new parents find their life revolves around the schedules and requirements of their children, making it difficult to find time for anything else.As a result, it’s easy for couples to put their partner’s relationship on the back burner, but not for actress Sutton Foster and her husband, playwright Ted Griffin.

Foster admitted to Us Weekly in 2019 that she and Griffin kept their romance alive with “can’t say no dates.”

“The only rule is that you can’t say no to these surprise dates we organize for each other.” It’s not like saying, “OK, eat a spider.” “We try to be really delicate about it,” the Younger actress told the publication.

Foster revealed that for their surprise date, he once took her to a Latin jazz class at Lincoln Center. Then he took her to Dizzy’s to listen to jazz music, followed by dinner at a beautiful new restaurant.

On these surprise dates, the couple liked doing things they wouldn’t ordinarily do, such as eating at taco stands and going indoor skydiving.

Relationship between Sutton Foster and Her Husband

Foster married Smash actor Christian Borle, whom she met in college, before marrying the scriptwriter. The pair married in 2006 but divorced four years later. Their marriage did not last, but their friendship did, and they continued to work together.

In 2018, they collaborated on Younger. “It was great to work with Christian again,” she added of her ex. Foster and Borle have also appeared together on Broadway in Thoroughly Modern Millie and on Netflix in the Gilmore Girls revival. Foster met her current spouse after her divorce, and they married in 2013.

They married on October 25, 2014, in a small ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. For the longest time, motherhood was not on the two-time Tony Award winner’s radar, but everything changed when she met the screenwriter.

“I’d always been torn about having children. And when I met my spouse, I had this fresh perspective on what family was all about. Our families were brought together when we married. ‘Oh,’ I thought. If I were to have a child, it only makes sense.” Foster told POPSUGAR’s, Murphy Moroney.

Sutton Foster Has a Daughter

Unfortunately, when the Gilmore Girls star decided she wanted a kid, it was easier said than done. After a year and a half of trying, she and her husband saw a specialist and decided on in vitro fertilization.

The process was difficult for the actress, who felt pressed to have a child while filming season four of Younger. However, while in Tokyo for a concert, she realized the process was not working, so the pair considered adoption.

Their lives were drastically altered in April 2017 when they welcomed their daughter Emily Dale into the family. The parents now spend every lovely minute with their 5-year-old daughter.