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Tasha Marbury

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Tasha Marbury is an American reality TV actress who was cast in season 5 of the VH1 reality TV show named Basketball Wives. She was not the original cast member and came late on the show. Season 5 had premiered on 19 August 2013.

Tasha Marbury and her early life

The bio of Tasha Marbury or LaTasha Marbury is very limited. Her birth name was different and it was LaTasha Rochelle Frieson. She was born on 11 January 1976 and her current age is 42. Her birthplace is Winston-Salem, NC and she was brought up also in the same neighborhood.

Since the year 1996, Tasha had lived in Purchase in New York. Tasha and her two siblings were raised by her mother and the two younger siblings of Tasha reside in North Carolina.

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If we look at the education of Tasha, we can see that she was a student at North Carolina State University and graduated in 1998 earning a bachelor of science degree in zoology. She later went on to do further studies and joined the Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2000 and she obtained a bachelor of science in Nursing as well.

Tasha Marbury and her career

Tasha joined the reality TV show Basketball Wives which revolves around the lives and career of the wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends of the famous basketball players in the US. She is married to NBA player Stephon Marbury since 2002 and in that capacity, she has joined the above VH1 reality TV show.

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The producers of the show had tried to get Tasha on the show on several previous occasions but were unable to do so. They felt that she was perfect to be on the show since she was the wife of an NBA star and also was friends with the other basketball wives. They managed to get her on it in 2013. At that time, Stephon was not playing for the NBA for three years and was out in China playing an international game. Nonetheless, she was incorporated into the show in its season 5.

Tasha has used her position to make a name for herself. She also clarified certain issues in her life. She did admit that Stephon had an alleged affair with personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell. She said on the show:

“It’s a true story…It happened. It’s over with. It’s in the past. Things happen. Why y’all get all…I saw Tami head ducking and dodging. What you ducking and dodging for?”

“It did happen. And I don’t have a problem discussing or talking about it. But it’s not gonna be something that I talk about forever ’cause it’s old, it’s stale. It is what it is…Listen, we all make mistakes.”

The couple had paid $ 1 million to hush up the matter. She earned a net worth of $ 45 million.

Tasha Marbury and her relationship, husband, and children

Tasha met and began dating Stephon Marbury who was with the NBA. The couple married on 14 September 2002. They have two children-Stephon II and Xaviera. Her husband Stephon also has a daughter Stephanie from his previous relationship.

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The 2013 stalking incident

In 2013, Tasha had gone to the NYPD and filed a police complaint in which she stated that a woman named Monet Merchand was harboring an obsession for her and her husband. She was stalking them and Tasha needs protection. Tasha alleged that the woman in question was harassing the couple and kept repeating that she had sex with her husband.

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But Tasha was shocked when the woman filed a counter-report stating that it was Tasha who was harassing her and that Tasha had threatened her and her friends and meant to harm them physically.

The name that she has used to file the complaint is her real name and she did not want it to reach the newspapers since she was afraid that Tasha may track her down and harm her. The police had done the necessary investigations but there was no further news on that front.

Tasha Marbury social media

Fans keep updated to Tasha’s daily life on her social media. She has more than 32.1k followers on Instagram while she does not have accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

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