Ten Quick facts about model and actress Donna Jainie Peele concerning her marriage, career, and growing years!

Facts of Donna Peele

Full Name: Donna Peele
Birth Place: U.S.
Marital Status: Divorce
Gender: female
Profession: model, actress
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
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Donna Peele is an American actress and model who could not go very ahead in her career. She was the first and now ex-wife of American legendary actor Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen had divorced her and moved on to marry two more times. He also indulged in several extra-marital affairs and relationships.

He turned out to be HIV-positive and was slapped with many lawsuits for his not disclosing his HIV status to his sexual contacts. So much is known about Charlie Sheen after his divorce from Donna Peele, but what happened to Donna Peele after that? How was Donna Peele’s life going before she fell for Charlie Sheen and married him? Let us find out.

  1. The marriage-Donna Peele met Charlie Sheen during a commercial shoot. Charlie Sheen was a budding actor at that time and was trying to gain his foothold on it. The commercial was being filmed in New York in July 1995. The shoot was for the advertising campaign for a cigarette brand. The attraction was so strong both sides that the couple started dating soon after.
    Source: NYDN (Charlie Sheen and Donna Peels’s wedding)

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    Charlie at that time was also facing trial for Madam Heidi Fleiss’ prostitution case. In spite of this and overlooking everything related to Charlie Sheen, Donna Peele married Charlie on 3 September 1995. It was only 6 weeks after they had met and dated.

  2. Her marriage was done in an extravagant way. It was a beautiful beach wedding with the big names of Hollywood been present there for it.
  3. Charlie Sheen was totally impressed by Donna Peela and had said at that time:

“She’s an angel sent from heaven to take me through the rest of my journey.” 

  1. Divorce-The marriage, as usual, had started on a very positive and quick note but it crashed equally fast. Within six months, sourness reached its peak and Charlie Sheen filed for divorce on 19 November 1996. He is quoted as saying that his marriage had turned suffocating for him and he needed to come out to breathe.
  2. As regards her birth and childhood, it is known that Donna Peele was born in Orlando, Florida, the USA but her exact birth date is not available to the media. She has also divulged no facts related to her parents and siblings if she had any.Also read: Actor Charlie Sheen Charged for the second time by his ex-girlfriends of exposing them to HIV and discouraging them from taking anti-retroviral drugs!

    Source: Sun (Charlie and Donna)
  3. Information about Donna Peele’s educational background including her school and college names which she attended is missing.
  4. Professional-wise, Donna Peele was an aspiring model and actress. She had been unable to achieve any great heights in her career which was short-lived since, after her marriage to Charlie Sheen, it came to an end.
  5. Donna had entered the world of modeling at a very young age. She had just started acting when she met Charlie Sheen.
  6. Donna had beauty and a great body and looks but her acting skill was not anything great to comment on. She managed to bag only minor roles in TV and films and could not leave any bog mark in Hollywood. Her roles were so insignificant that the names of the films in which she had acted are also not known.    Also read: Tomica Wright, Son, Husband, HIV, Widow, Relationship, Net Worth

    Source: Zimbio (Donna with husband Charlie Sheen)
  7. Donna Peele never tried to revive her career after her divorce with Charlie Sheen. She just left Hollywood quietly and never looked back. Her whereabouts are unknown and it is also not known whether she has remarried or has begun any relationship after that. There is also no social media accounts registered in her name.

As of now, her net worth is estimated to be $12 Million.

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