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We all may be familiar with the name ‘That Poppy’ in the YouTube. Recently, That Poppy,  YouTuber/singer/songwriter is taking over the YouTube with her weird videos. She draws people’s attention on her video with the weird videos and outfit choices. The video she released some time back named ‘I am Poppy’ got around 3,051,155 views. Now, looking at the views she got, you may be wondering what special in her video.

Well, in the video, she was repeating “I’m Poppy” for 10 minutes. You can even see her often doing the interview with a mannequin. In the interview, though she answers her fan’s question, she never opens straightforward about her. This is the reason which brings mystery to her.

Many people have queries about how did she actually appeared or is she real? Before knowing Poppy deeper, you first have to know her creator, Titanic Sinclair.

That Poppy’s Creator Titanic Sinclair!

Titanic Sinclair is a musician and video creator. His content is no different than that of Poppy. He is the one who directs all the video of Poppy. Titanic, himself shares the video where he is alone in a room eating a crisp or giving advice on how to be happy. In his bio of YouTube channel, he has written:  “Hi, I’m Titanic Sinclair.” But this is not the starting point of Titanic.

Before making weird videos on YouTube, he was one-half of a music duo called Mars Argo. Most of the part of the song is structured like commercial indie-pop in the vein of She & Him.

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Source: Pinterest (Titanic Sinclair and Poppy )

Now coming back to Titanic’s YouTube and videos.  In 2014 the duo mysteriously split, removing all of their songs and PC shows. Mars Argo fell off the face of the earth. Just after the months later, Poppy took all over on the internet. Titanic Sinclair had totally replaced Mars with Poppy. After then, he continued his project as if nothing had happened.

Who is Poppy? Mystery disclosed!!

Poppy is the tone color trend and the wide web. The girl who we all recognize as Poppy, her birth name is Moriah Pereira. She used to love music from her childhood. Moreover, she has sung and played music her entire life. In 2012, she arrived in Los Angeles with the dreams of pursuing her career in music.

Throughout her beginning stage, she made a network with popular YouTubers and Disney stars. At that point in time, she used to post covers and originals songs of hers on her YouTube channel. Followingly, she also performed at popular events such as Vidcon and Playlist Live. During everything going on in her life, she became a close friend of former Disney star, Debby Ryan.

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At the same time,  Titanic Sinclair and Mars Argo split up. And that was the time when Titanic and Poppy met. Her creator had the new project. She became the new face of his project, which they officially named Poppy. Then after she started making short and strange videos on her new YouTube channel.

People can’t understand the meaning of most of the videos she shares. But some are like any of her politics videos. She made the video to challenge how everyone posts on social media about their politics and her videos about “worship” or obsessing over the celebrities.

Poppy may not be a family name yet, but at the time it’s just interesting to watch people become overwhelmed with a girl about whom we have hardly any real facts. Something which we do can’t be reasonably explained.

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Poppy’s lawsuit

Earlier in April 2018, a lawsuit was filed by Mars Argo AKA Brittany Sheets. She had accused Poppy creator Corey Mixter AKA Titanic Sinclair of coping her video!

Brittany was Corney were in a relationship which turned sour. Brittany had even accused Corney of being abusive towards her.

After their breakup, Corney took the idea they had developed together and collaborated with t Poppy actress Moriah Pereira to create the videos.

And in September, the judge dismissed the ungoing lawsuit.

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