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Mia Talerico was born on 17th September 2008 in Santa Barbara, California. She is the daughter of Chris and Claire Talerico. Right at birth, Mia was a cute and adorable child.

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She had lovely blonde hair, alert and expressive olive-green eyes and was energetic and enthusiastic. Whoever saw her could not but only love this tiny girl. Her family lived a very simple and out of the spotlight life before the role for Mia came through. Her parents’ family and friends had suggested to Mia’s parents to take the little one for auditions for commercials.

Mia Talerico’s preference over twins and triplets

America’s Child Labor Laws prohibit making child actors work for more than the stipulated hours for shoots. But since the film shoots necessitate long working hours, film producers and directors prefer choosing twins or triplets for the particular role since they can interchange the children without people realizing that this has been done due to the similarity between the children constituting twins or triplets.

At the same time, the filmmakers can remain within the constitution of the law and each of the twins or triplets would have worked for not more than the number of hours which have been laid down for them.

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In spite of this, the producers and casting directors decided to take the risk and take Mia for the lead role of Charlie in the Disney Channel series ‘Good Luck Charlie’ though she was a single child and not one of the twins or triplets.

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The reason for this was that Mia was so cute and adorable and totally apt for the role, that the producers did not want anyone for it. In this way, Mia got the chance and was cast in her debut shot when she was a mere 11 months old. So Mia has been facing the camera when she had not even started walking.

Hence she is quite comfortable now with the cameras and acting comes to the highly talented Mia effortlessly. Mia in the role of Charlie Duncan has enthralled her audience.

Mia Talerico’s character in the movie

Mia’s character in this series is that of the youngest child of the Duncan family. She has three elder siblings; Teddy, PJ, and Gabe. Mia’s role is that of the sweet and mischievous Charlotte Duncan or Charlie Duncan. Her fun and play times and the family’s day to day struggles are highlighted in this series.

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Death threats against Mia Talerico

It was in January 2014 that Mia started receiving death threats on the Instagram account which her mother Claire had made for her. The treats were rather graphic and terrifying. One threat read:

“Die Mia, F—ing Die in hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die.”

There was another post with Mia’s head picture which was shown covered with a bloody fist. This had a message:

“Yes, kill you stupid b—-.”

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It is baffling as to why such a small cute girl should be threatened by anyone. What do those people want? Why are they doing it? But in this era of social media and the associated cyber threats, trolls and crimes, one needs to be cautious and careful about these cyber attacks.

The police were notified and they were looking into and investigating the case. It was supposed that the threats that this little girl received could have been actually directed towards the portrayal of lesbian couples on the series by the series directors. There were protests made by the conservative groups, Family Research Council and One million Moms against showing the same-sex couples on the show.

It was felt that the threat sender could be a psychopath who might need special and urgent medical attention. But to direct such hatred against a little girl is unthought-of!

Mia Talerico relationship and boyfriend

Mia is only 10 years old and a little too young to be in a relationship. She is just 10 years old! Currently, she is focused on her career, school, and growing uo into a beautiful lady!

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