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Sophia Miacova is an American model from Texas with a gorgeous face and a fit and hot body.

The beginning of Sophia Miacova career

Sophia Miacova is of Mexican origin with a French descent. She started on Instagram, YouTube, and Vine. Her ex-boyfriend Rory Westfield used to be her partner on the Vine phenomenon. Besides, Sophia was very fond of putting on display her sexy, hot and fit body. She has multiple bikini-clad photos of her on her Instagram account.

Source: Speaker’s corner (Sophia Miacova)

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She has got the photos shot in different poses and they all are quite appealing and attractive. She does have a unique fashion style of her own. Her dressing sense is also not to be missed. She also did work for the Brand Ricki Brazil.

Sophia Miacova- The rising career

Sophia Miacova gradually also started posting tips about how to stay fit. She is a fitness enthusiast like her ex-boyfriend Rory Westfield. She had met Rory Westfield on Facebook when she was 19 years old. She was liked by many viewers and her Instagram account started getting more subscribers.

She has more than 3 million people who have subscribed to her Instagram account. Her Vine account with Rory Westfield also picked up momentum and managed to garner more than 8-10 lakhs of followers. Her YouTube has more than 60-80 thousand subscribers.

Source: Speaker’s corner (Sophia Miacova)

Her growth on the social media has been rather rapid and she deserves the success. She is not only beautiful with a revenge body, but also a talented, fun loving, very sweet and humble person. She also loves animals and is against any kind of animal sacrifice or killing. On many occasions, she has expressed her intense love for all the living beings in this universe!

Sophia Miacova’s vegan lifestyle

Sophia Miacova is a total vegan. She has not only adopted this lifestyle but also advocates and propagates it. She has chosen this vegetarian lifestyle not only for its benefits but also to avoid cruelty towards animals. Sophia Miacova has made a YouTube video where she explains the reason for her adopting a vegetarian food style.

Source: Instagram (Sophia Miacova)

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In the video, Sophia Miacova says:

“From childhood on we are conditioned to detach from animals, we accept cats and dogs and everything else as subject to our wrath. To delusion kids we shape the bodies of chickens into stars, dinosaurs, and letters, this makes it appealing for kids to eat. We tell them to drink their milk if they want strong bones and to be healthy. We draw a smiley face with whipped cream on their pancakes because it is appealing. We are disguising the ugly truth of all these foods. Then we go to the grocery store and we walk down the aisles with chips, cereals, snacks, frozen meals that strategically have bright colors, big font and animals as characters to lure kids in with the packaging. It is not the kids fault. Our food industry is sick. To put a smiley animal character on a package of food that contains animal products is a huge false advertisement. If images of the animals living conditions, video clips of their torment and ingredients were listed as they actually are (example: Gelatin) people at a young age would be disgusted and would not eat them”.

Sophia Miacova’s relationships, boyfriend, break up

Sophia is progressing rapidly in her career which is soaring high. Her lovely face and body and true and heart-touching talks about fitness, healthy body and animal love have brought her popularity. Her ascending career graph speaks for itself! She is happy in her personal space as well. But her love life seems not too impressive!

When fame came her way, Sophia Miacova was in a romantic relationship with Rory Westfield who was also an Instagram star and a Viner. But this relationship lasted for a couple of years before they separated. The reason for this separation is not clear. Neither Sophia nor Rory have made any public announcements related to this matter.

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Source: Lipstick Alley (Sophia Miacova with boyfriend Eli)

Sophia then started dating Eli Wehbe. Eli Wehbe is part owner of a clothing company which goes by the name of ‘Pink Dolphin’. He also partly owns the club named ‘Warwick’. The two were going steady for nearly a year and a half. During that time, Sophia’s account was full of his photos and of the two together. They were an adorable couple. Eli, it seems, had gifted Sophia a Benz car. But they soon split.

Sophia was also said to be in a relationship with singer Jaxon Rose. But the relationship now seems to have also ended.

Currently she in a relationship with Cole Hutzler. The two seems to be very happy and in love. Sophia does post the pictures of them together.

Source: Instagram (Sophia and Cole)

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Sophia Miacova’s social media

Sophia keeps her fans updated in her daily life via social media. As of now, her Twitter has over 10.6k followers, Instagram has over 3.1 million followers while she seems to be absent on Facebook.

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