The Mysterious Selena Vargas Internet-Famous Story

Do you remember when Instagram and TikTok weren’t around to make 15-year-olds famous? Okay, so perhaps the news that adult film actress Selena Vargas was allegedly cheating on her boyfriend by working as a covert porn star in 2015 was also reported on the internet.

But it appears that the days of being able to keep such a secret anonymously are long gone.

Even before a picture of them on 4Chan went viral, she might not have gotten away with it at all if some of the rumors about what transpired between them were accurate.

According to some reports, the person who posted the picture wasn’t even the soldier in it, while according to others, he was aware that she was an adult film actress. Everyone is wondering where Selena has gone after hearing this strange story.

What transpired following the 4Chan incident with Selena Vargas? Continue reading the advertisement below.

If you remember, a man allegedly posted a picture of himself in the United States. He is wearing an army uniform on 4Chan and is accompanied by his former flame. He claimed to have just finished his Navy Seal training, but his uniform blatantly disproves this.

In the post, he requested ratings from other users for himself and his girlfriend. Comments about Selena Green Vargas, an adult film actress, and the typical insensitive remarks from the average 4Chan user were made regarding the girl in the picture.

From there, the narrative developed, with the man in the picture becoming the victim of his girlfriend’s trickery. Unfortunately, no one has been able to confirm the authenticity of the images, but there have been rumors regarding what might have happened between them.

According to some rumors, he was aware of Selena’s work in adult movies, while others claimed the whole thing was a publicity stunt for the internet.

Lacking Selenium Green Varieties is unacceptable. She is a lovely woman who made a mistake.

You aren’t all that, @cabrera Judah 20 June 2020

Selena practically disappeared from the internet once it all crashed. Additionally, she currently has no identifiable social media profiles under her name and hasn’t made any comments about what happened or how she has or hasn’t moved on. The whereabouts of Selena are a mystery, just like the background of the photograph.

When the 4Chan post went viral, she was an adult film actress, and she continued reading the advertisement below.

Before the publication of the 4Chan post that exposed her, Selena was already a working adult film actress. Since then, she might have continued with her career. On the XVideos website, she has a profile with her name and a few of her videos; the most recent activity, according to the profile, occurred in June 2020.

Selena Vargas mysterious story
Selena Vargas’s mysterious story(Source: The Teal Mango)

June 22, 2020 — Best Videos (@30SECVlDEOS)

If the profile is legitimately Selena’s, then she might still be employed in the adult film industry. She might not go by Selena Green Vargas or even Selena Vargas. She still has fans who are interested in learning about her whereabouts and whether she plans to come back under that name, according to comments on her XVideos profile.

Someone else could be Selena Vargas.

A private Instagram account with the bio Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect and a link to a private TikTok account can be found under the name Selena Green Vargas. Therefore, if Selena is still making movies, she might be doing so in the adult film industry under a different name while maintaining a relatively low-key personal life under her given name. Whatever the truth is regarding Selena’s online rumors, it is obvious that she would prefer to forget about them.