The Nine Children’s Father Artist Ginuwine and His Family

Ginuwine achieved success in the music business throughout the 1990s, a time when R. Kelly’s influence on soulful R&B songs was growing. Numerous vocalists entered the scene after Kelly’s ascent and tried to emulate the contentious performer. While playing in the same sandbox as the vocalist, Ginuwine was a little different.

In addition to finding his voice in the 1990s, the singer also enjoyed a great deal of success as a result of his records’ multi-platinum sales. However, Ginuwine was more than just a musician; he was a father and a family man. Even while the singer still performs songs from his earlier albums, the new music industry has rendered many of his earlier performances obsolete, therefore his fame has declined recently.

In the 1990s, Ginuwine was steadily creating albums and was almost at the pinnacle of the music industry; yet, the same cannot be said of his private life. His family life is undoubtedly chaotic—not because he is married, but rather because of the many relationships he has had to uphold over the years.

The father of nine children is Ginuwine.

Because of all the obstacles to having numerous children in the current economic climate, this isn’t exactly a regular occurrence in today’s culture. The singer, however, did not adhere to the same regimen, and over time, he became the father of several children, the youngest of whom was later identified as being nine in 2009.

Ramonda, Tiffany, Elgin, Ginel, Story, Dream, Dejan, and Cypress are the singer’s nine children, who he announced to be the proud father of at the beginning of the year. The final two were his stepchildren; they were the offspring of Sole, his ex-wife.

For more than ten years, Ginuwine was wed to his wife Sole.

Ginuwine had achieved popularity as a vocalist by the late 1990s, and his career was on the upswing. Before the new century, the singer met rapper Sole, and the two quickly became friends. The couple began dating and falling for one another in 1999.

They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Story, in 2001. In 2002, they welcomed a second child, a girl they named Dream Sarae Lumpkin. While their other two children of Sole also resided with the family, the couple reared their two daughters together.

Ginuwine and Sole
Ginuwine and Sole(source: Flickr)

But over time, Sole and Ginuwine’s relationship worsened, and the two finally called it quits in 2014, after dating for more than ten years. The pair chose to divorce, which was finally formalized in 2015. The couple decided to end their marriage.

Later, Sole married Professor Griff, a member of the Public Enemy band, and the two have been married for more than two years.

Ginuwine and Tiffany disagree on various issues.

Being the father of nine kids means giving each one of them some attention, which Ginuwine was able to achieve. The issue with this is that not everyone will like him. This is the situation with Ginuwine and Tiffany, who is not pleased with her father. Several texts between the father and daughter were eventually made public, and they showed Tiffany calling Ginuwine a “deadbeat father.”

It is safe to assume that Ginuwine and Tiffany have a chilly relationship, and the father of nine isn’t exactly managing the situation well either. He was also yelling at her and using crude language in the messages, but if both are judged on their own merits, both are at fault.