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Blaire White

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Blaire White is a YouTuber. She is known for her anti-feminism stand and talks. Her biography is unique and in this world of online business, she stands apart from the rest. Her video contents are unusual and she has some fixed ideas and opinions of her own. Let us see how she differs from the rest of the crowd!

Blair White’s birth, age, childhood, and education

Blair White was born in Chico, California on 14 September 1993. Her current age is 24 years. She is a transgender YouTube star. She also vlogs. It has been said that when Blaire White was in her elementary school, she felt weird about herself. She felt out of place. She began to notice the differences between the two sexes and did not like to associate herself with the boys. There was, however, no misery involved.

By the time she reached her teens and was 14 years old, the hormonal changes set in her body and it began to assume male adulthood. She was not ready for it and was confused about her age.

When she was 16 years old, Blair White began to experiment with her hair and makeup. She first dyed her hair in crazy colors such as pink, purple, blue, and red. She also put on bright makeup. She wore blue contact lenses. She was soon categorized as a gay teenage boy. But there was some confusion lingering on in her mind about her gender.

Source: YouTube (Blaire White before transitioning)

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When Blair was 18 years old, she grew her hair long and took to wearing feminine clothes. She realized that she was a transgender and decided to transition. But during this time, her father expired due to cancer and she had to take care of her mother. She kept her plans to transition on hold for the time being.

In another 2 years, she declared to her family and friends that she was a transgender and found support from them in her decision. She then started taking hormonal treatment.

Blaire White’s online career and its progression

Blaire White had appeared in two YouTube videos even before she transitioned. This was when she was 18 years old. She launched her own YouTube channel on 27 November 2015 and uploaded her first video on this channel on 2 December 2015. She gained recognition for her videos and vlogs concerning feminism, LGBT rights, and about her reactions to her experiences.

Source: YouTube (Blaire White)

Her first video was ‘Female Privilege! Antifeminism’. Her video ‘Male victims are funny’ had amassed more than 225000 views. She live-streamed with Theryn Meyer. She kept posting videos about her life and her views on the various social movements such as Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and Gender Politics. She also posted reaction videos as responses to other fellow YouTuber videos.

Her videos and opinions are very much controversial. She had written against the Black Lives Matter activists and criticized them. She had received a lot of backlash from them. She was threatened and had to blackout for some time to escape the wrath. She said that she had voted for Trump. She said that she had big plans for 2017. She attended Vidcon 2017 and also announced that she is ready to undergo surgeries for female sex assignment and also facial feminization surgery. Her channel has more than 350000 subscribers.

She hates the LGBT community and says that transgenderism is a mental illness. She holds some very weird ideas and opinions on transgenders and transgender activists do not support her videos and talks. She supports fat shaming. She is against safe spaces. She is often seen discussing feminism with fellow YouTuber ShoeonHead on her videos.

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Blaire White’s relationships

Blaire White is said to be dating fellow YouTuber Joey Sarson, 30. She and her boyfriend seem to be in a happy space at the moment. She is not married and has no children!

Source: YouTube (Blaire and Joey)

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