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Tana Mongeau

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Who doesn’t get horrified by the stalker? The only one who faces the fear can tell how hard it is to deal with the harassment and the stalking. YouTube personality Tana Mongeau claimed that she has gone through the dark lane in her life. Tana explained about the stalker whom she claimed that he had been stalking her since second grade in her YouTube video.

Tana has a YouTube channel that has above 2 million subscribers. YouTuber Tana revealed that she fears for her life.

Here is the whole story that Tana shared about her stalker and harassment.

Harassment and Stalker story of YouTuber Tana Mongeau 

YouTuber Tana Mongeau opened up about the harassment she faced during her life. 19 years old Tana claimed that t her stalker has not only hacked her phone but also broken into her home. Also, the stalker photographed her while she was sleeping. She also mentioned that her difficulty started 10 years ago.

The Las Vegas YouTuber shared a video in 2016 talking about her struggles which got more than 1.8 million views then. Moreover, she revealed that she is afraid as her former classmate has reached ‘new heights’. Meanwhile, she appealed that she refuses to live her life in fear. 

Furthermore, Tana mentioned how her phone makes a strange beeping sound at the beginning of calls. She believed that is the indication of hacking. Also, she found a strange Polaroid picture in her suitcase with her sleeping. In the video, she read one of the emails she got from the stalker. Then described her fear of how he wants to stare at, eat, and have sex with her dismembered dead body.

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Tana Mongeau files police report

Tana explained that she also filed a new report with police but that she cannot get a restraining order unless they have ‘proof’ that he poses physical harm to her, which she does not have. Followingly, she explained:

“I want to cry but I don’t want to show that kind of defeat on the internet… one thing I don’t want anybody to take from me is happiness.”

In addition, she said:

“This is going to sound drastic but if he wants to kill me he can, he will… I’m not going to live my life afraid. If he’s going to kill me tomorrow I’m going to have a great f*****g day.”

Furthermore, Tana also mentioned that her stalker is so clever in his stalking of her that it is like he is ‘invisible’.

“He doesn’t do things dumbly, he never leaves a trace of himself… I’m afraid of my stalker to a point but he can do what he wants.”

Source: IMDb (Tana Mongeau)

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Tana Mongeau shares her experience

She also shared her experience after she went on a trip. Tana claimed that she found two pictures that she is certain she did not take herself. One of the pictures shows her lying asleep. In the video, she furthermore shared:

“I feel like at all times he knows what I’m saying, what I’m doing, what I’m wearing. there’s no doubt of him watching me… which is really scary.”

After getting the terrifying email, she went through many plagiarism sites to know whether it was copied or not. But she found that the emails were original. All the obsession and stalking things started after he appeared to be a crush in elementary school. In her other videos, she mentioned him frequently calling her house to tell her that she loved her, then phoned her parents. Later on, her parents reported him at school. She explained:

“But everyone just thought that this was a f*****g magical-a** crush. Because you’re not going to be like “. oh he’s in second grade, he’s not going to be a psychopath, it’s a second grader,”

Source: Life & Style (Tana Mongeau)

Tana also had to move out of her place because of the stalker. In the video, she also revealed that after his bunch of craziness, Tana had to report to the police. She also mentioned that the Police found out not only her but he was stalking other girls too.

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Tana Mongeau faces backlash

Tana faced a backlash after she portrayed a sexualized version of 15-year-old influencer JoJo Siwa for Halloween 2018.

She wore a pink bra, pink thong, blue tutu, JoJo’s signature hair ribbons, and captioned the post “hoe hoe siwa”.

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