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The various social media platforms are for social networking. But there are some social media posters who abuse the platform and resort to wrong tactics. Tyler1 is one such social media star who engaged in toxic behavior during the League of Legends streaming and was banned from the game for 2 years and thus gained notoriety.

Let us today take a scoop of this internet personality life and check on his biography!

Tyler1’s game position and ranking

Tyler1 is a Twitch streamer. He was a popular League of Legends game player. He used to play the character of Draven in this game and had endured several patches on this game which was hindering Draven but managed to remain on one of the top positions in the game. He had played during the 2014 season and was ranked 13th in it in the world ranking. He also has a subreddit and this has over 21000 readers.

Source: Pinterest (Tyler1)

Tyler1’s negative publicity

In April 2016, Tyler1’s Twitch channel started gaining popularity but due to his bad behavior. This increased and it was seen that Tyler1 would swear at players and be extremely abusive during the chat sessions. Also during streaming, he would leave his keyboard for several hours at a stretch. This was not acceptable.

His most disliked misconduct was the practice of ‘inting’. This term implies that Tyler1 could deliberately allow the opposite rival to kill him and giving them experience points as well as money to the point that they were able to overwhelm his team.

These tactics he would resort to when the other League players did not give him certain specific buffs which he desired. He thus got the disreputation of ‘The Most Toxic Player in North America’. This helped him to attract more viewers to his channel and he also intentionally began trolling games of other players.

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Tyler1’s ban from the game

Tyler1 used to mostly play with Riot Games’ staff and other professional players and thus his bad and toxic tactics were easily noticed. Riot Games then took the decision to ban him indefinitely from the play of League of Legends.

Source: Know your meme (Tyler1)

The viewers were split on this ban and some felt that Tyler1 should not be punished whereas others were happy that he has got his due punishment. He had his lot of supporters as well who felt that Tyler1 was not as bad as some other League of Legends’ players.

Return after the ban

Tyler1 was reinstated after two years and on 4 January 2018, he tweeted that he has been reinstated by Riot Games. Riot too confirmed this and he was given a month to prove that he could play in a clean manner. He was then informed that if he managed to do so, his ban would be lifted.

Source: YouTube (Tyler1)

Tyler1’s unbanned status and Twitch streaming return, Net Worth

On 8 January 2018, Tyler1 returned and set a new record in it. On 1 April 2018, he had streamed an eccentric 45-minute movie on his Twitch channel. Talking about it, he had said:

“I swear to God, this type of creative stream has never been done ever before on Twitch, This isn’t even a game. I’m not gonna be playing any type of game on April 1, just so you know. It’s a creative stream; I promise it’s gonna be one of a kind, never before done.”

Tyer1 also has a YouTube channel in which he streams his play sessions. He has over 750000 subscribers on it. He also has a website through which he sells his merchandise. His net worth is not known but should be fantastic considering his popularity.

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Tyler1 and his real name, Body measurements and wiki

Source: YouTube (Draven and Tyler1)

Tyler1’s real name is Tyler Steinkamp. His age, date, and year of birth, and birthplace are not known. There are no details also about his family and parents. As regards his siblings, he has a brother called Eric with whom he sometimes plays League of Legends. Tyler1 has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. He left his college studies to become a full-time Twitch streamer.

Tyler1’s girlfriend and relationships

Tyler1 has a girlfriend named Macaiyla and the couple is quite controversial. They had first met at TwitchCon2016 and started dating after some weeks.

Her Twitter handle was suspended once for misbehavior.

Source: YouTube (Macaiyla and Tyler1)

She had tweeted about a school bombing! Her scantily-dressed pictures had popped up on Tyler1’s videos often. Her Instagram also carries such pictures of hers.

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