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Andy Biersack -The frontman of the Gothic name band, Black Veil Brides is a happily married man who is lucky enough to get married with his love of the life as well as best friend Juliet Simms.

To find out about their marriage and life after that…keep on reading!

Andy Biersack and Juliet Simms -Magical Marriage

The handsome and talented lead singer Andy Biersack is a married man with the beautiful bride Juliet who was wearing a traditional white gown in the ceremony despite her husband’s band name Black Veil Brides. The wedding took place on Saturday evening over the beautiful intimate ceremony with a few close friends and family. There was not much information regarding the ceremony and the location of the ceremony is still not know to date.

But before the marriage ceremony took place the couple has a history together as they were in a long-term relationship with each other. The duo got engaged months before the wedding as they have been dating for years and planned to take their relationship to the next level and made official. Both the parties wrote the sweet and similar message to the social media on the context of their marriage.

The frontman of Black Veil Brides wrote- “I married my best friend in the world. I am the happiest man alive!”

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As well as the happy Bride wrote the same thing- “I got to marry my best friend, love of my life and soulmate.”

The marriage news was made official out in public when the couple shares the picture of the precious moment on Instagram. Andy shared the wedding pic and wrote-

“We had a beautiful intimate ceremony with our friends and family and I married my best friend in the world. I am the happiest man alive! Thank you to everyone who came to support us, it was such a magical night filled with love and laughs. Thank you to every one of you guys who have supported Juliet Simms and I in our love and have been so kind to both of us. I am incredibly excited to start this new chapter in my life with my soul mate. The list of people who contributed to this wedding and made it happen is too long to list but needless to say this wouldn’t have happened without our dedicated and amazing friends. Thank you!”

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Andy Biersack’s twist to the Story

Andy and Juliet were Married before the Wedding! They have been married for four years already but just now decided to go public with the event. According to TMZ, This was their secret second marriage. They were able to get the copy of the couple’s Marriage certificate and there it states that they were married for years.

Source: TMZ

The love couple first had their secret marriage in 2012 and it was kept secret up until now but TMZ revealed the deed. It was also said that the close friends and family knew about both the first and second marriage and it was done solely to go public for the fans. There was two marriage but no divorce!

Andy Biersack’s after Marriage- Airplane Arrest!

The rock band singer and his wife were traveling from Charlotte, North Carolina to Los Angeles and they were involved in a heated disagreement which leads to arrest of Simms and followed by questions from FBI but was released afterward.

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Both Biersack and Simms released a statement regarding the issue. Andy who goes on Instagram as moniker Andy Black described the situation as “scary [and] traumatic experience” with alcohol as the problem.

Biersack wrote on Instagram: “Many of you know that I recently decided to live entirely sober. In the past, I struggled with the concept of alcohol and my own personal demons and so a year ago I decided it was time to move on from it & start down the path to sobriety. I believe alcohol is one of the most poisonous & volatile substances we as a society have at our disposal & that it can truly hurt & affect people in the most negative way. My wife no longer drinks but due in large part to a myriad of recent upsets including some tragic family news she became intoxicated during the flight and was left confused, blacked out & disoriented. She said things that are not true and are in no way her or a part of her character and despite rumors or conjecture I will definitively state that we have a happy and harmonious marriage.”

Simms also wrote in the separate statement:

“I rarely drink, I cannot handle it, and when I do, I turn into someone I am not. This may not be true for everyone but it is for me and for many of my peers in the music industry who have bravely and completely quit after years of struggle. So, I apologize to my husband for what I did and said and for upsetting anyone who was caught up in this. Those of you very loving and caring fans, we thank you for all of your loyal support and kindness. We really love you and appreciate you sticking your necks out for us even on a bad day.”

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“There’s so much to this story and so much history involved it’s not easily understood unless you were us. I really did not intend for our misfortune on the baby making subject to be aired in the way it was, but we are young and healthy, and are told this happens so are happily looking forward to the future with children. I do ask for people not to fill in the holes when they hear partial stories, so want to own up to the fact that I’ve got demons I face time to time and it’s something I’m quiet about because I’ve always wanted to be strong for the people in my life and the people I set an example for. I truly regret my weakness and letting it get the best of me for the world [to] see. I am human but this was a poor display of who I truly am, my heart and what I have to offer. Falling down does not define me, it’s how I stand back up. I vow to move forward in a happy/healthy way and learn from this. From the very bottom of my heart, I am sorry.”

We hope the couple has a Happy life ahead!

Andy Biersack and Juliet Simms now

The couple are still together and going strong after more that 2 years of marriage. The couple have not revelealed any pregnancy news as of now.

Hope they will be ready to start a family in the near future!

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