Manu Rios ( Instagram Star) Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

Manu Rios

Manu Rios is an extremely talented, handsome, and creative entertainer who not only acts but also dances and sings. He started as a child actor and has gained fame by acting in films such as Les Miserables. He has also been a part of popular shows such as ‘Tú sí que vales’ and ‘Cántame cómo pasó’. Manu Rios. Manu Rios has been entertaining the masses since a very young age.

Let us try to know more about this multi-talented personality who has come to acquire so much fame in this industry!

Manu Rios birth, age, family, and school

Manu Rios was born as Manu Rios Fernandez on 17 December 1998 in Calzada, Calatrava, Spain. He was born at the Ciudad Real Hospital. His parents are Manoli and Julian. He has an elder brother named Josemy. He had an intense interest in this field right from his young days.

He always yearned to be an actor when he grows up and his dream has come true. The name of the school where he studied is not known. But it is known that Manu Rios is studying media at the moment and is also learning guitar and dancing.

Source: Twitter (Manu Rios with his family)

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The start of Manu Rios career

Manu has been acting since he was 9 years of age. He was called by the production team of the regional TV series Cantando en Familia. He passed the audition and also bagged the role. He then went on to receive offers from TV shows which were popular and being aired at the national level. This was his first step into this world of entertainment.

In the national TV show called Tu Si Que Vales, he got the opportunity to showcase his dancing skills. He also was part of the musical TV show ‘Cántame cómo pasó’  on TVE. He then was specifically selected to play the lead role of Gavroche in the theater production of Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables.

He was also a member of the teen band called as Parchis. He did the musical Don Pepito in 2012.

Source: YouTube (Manu Rios on his guitar)

Even though Manu was still a child, he began traveling to other cities of Spain and performed at international venues such as South America and Fenway Park in Boston. He also dabbles in music and does pop/rock and indie genre music. He is trying to release the first few of his own original songs.

Manu has always tried to have his own entity and style and not copy others. He takes his inspiration from music and acting legends but tried to maintain his own unique style of doing things. He has great creative skills and he uses it to his advantage.

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He has a rich social media presence and has a huge fan following on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On his YouTube, he regularly posts song covers and his own life stories.

Manu Rios’s lifestyle, girlfriend and relationships

Manu’s charm is enhanced by his great nature and large blue eyes. Manu has said that he is a funny, sensitive, music-loving guy, who is committed to reaching his dreams. In spite of the fame he has achieved, Manu thinks that there is more to achieve and is very modest, humble, and grounded person.

Source: YouTube (Manu Rios)

He believes in hard work and knows that short-cuts do not help an individual become successful in life. He enjoys photography, meeting and catching up with friends, internet surfing, reading books, and replying to fan mail. He loves his photo camera the most. He and his family have two dogs named Currillo and Howard.

Manu is often spotted with girls but it is not known whom he is dating. He has yet not announced his girlfriend. He was also in between said to be gay.

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