Who are John Amos’s children who are following in his footsteps?

The kind of father that ‘Good Times’ viewers wished for was James Evans. In actual life, John Amos’s character, James Evans, is a better father.

Despite his hectic schedule, John always made time for his daughter and son.

Take a look at his contented family.

Relationship of John Amos with His Son and Daughter

John and his children have always been close, and they have always shown public respect for their father.

He is the proud father of children who has followed in his footsteps.

John previously married Noel J. Mickelson. They married long before John began acting.

John studied sociology at Colorado State University, where the couple met. It was love at first sight for them.

They were, however, completely different from one another. Noel was of Eastern European heritage, while John was a native of Ghana in an indigenous city.

When they married, interracial marriage was not legal.

Despite the rules, the couple married in 1965. In 1967, John and his first wife’s marriage became legal.

Shannon Amos, John, and his ex-first wife’s child were born before the legalization of interracial marriage.

Then, in 1970, they welcomed their son Kelly Christopher Amos, abbreviated K.C.

The pair did, however, divorce in 1975.

Even though they were no longer married, they had a beautiful relationship because of their son and daughter.

John has always had a fantastic relationship with his children.

Shannon, his daughter, has followed a career in movies and performing. Shannon mostly works behind the camera and owns the Atlanta and Los Angeles-based production firm Afterglow Multimedia, LLC.

She also worked as a creative executive for Warner Bros.

John Amos childrens

K.C., John’s kid, on the other hand, describes his father as an inspiration.

K.C. works as an actor, director, filmmaker, editor, and content creator. Among his credits are ‘Syphon Gun,’ ‘Mercy Angels,’ ‘Huntsville,’ and many more.

K.C. has also received a Grammy nomination.

His children regularly share images and family updates on social media.

Following his divorce from Noel, he married actress Lillian Lehman from ‘General Hospital.’

There are few details about how the pair met, but they became public when Lillian accompanied Amos on his trip to Africa and the two of them were spotted together in a tennis event arranged by JET magazine.

After three years of dating, John proposed to Lillian, and the two married in 1978. However, their romance lasted only 19 months and they have no children.

They kept their divorce reason hidden from their admirers, but Lillian assured them that they did not separate on bad terms. Even after their divorce, John and Lillian were seen together in the 1993 film ‘Night Trap.’

John never remarried and is still single now. His followers have questioned whether he is gay, given that he hasn’t been with anyone in almost 40 years.

However, the actor has never spoken about it, and given that he has been married twice, speculating about his sexual orientation is absurd.

Despite being 82 years old, he continues to work and is active on social media.