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Shocking Secret! Youtube sensational couple Jesse Wellens and  Jeana Smith split caused the huge stir but the secret revealed after their separation is much more surprising! Keep on reading to know the truth.

Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith Breakup

The strong and power couple of youtube let out the huge bomb after they revealed that they are heading towards a different direction. The duo had millions of fan following and was open about their lifestyle in daily vlogging. Prank VS Prank star had the seven-year-long relationship before they announced their separation in a ten-minute video.

The former couple from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, known for their video which includes pranking each other, challenges and sharing the important details of their life to the world which included their separation which can also be compared to parents getting a Divorce.

Source: superfame (Jesse Wellens and girlfriend Jeana Smith)

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In the Breakup Video entitled A New Chapter, was very emotional video which was viewed more than 4.5 million times. It was revealed that both parties decided to take a break from blogging and their relationship which lead to the couple moving to different places. Jesse also opens about the struggle with the daily video although it might have looked fun, In actual, it put pressure on the couple and that it became ‘toxic’ for their relationship.

“Long story short, Jeana and I, this is like telling a bunch of kids that their parents are getting divorced basically, but Jeana and I are going to take a break from blogging, we’re going to take a break from each other,” he says in the video. 

“I’m going to move to New York City, Jeana is going to stay here and we’re just going to take some time off. ..It sucks, it sucks to me because I know a lot you guys are going to be super disappointed.”

Source: naibuzz (Jesse Wellens and girlfriend Jeana Smith)

He added: ‘It sucks and I know a lot of you guys are going to be mad at us but at this point, I don’t care, I just need to be sane…I’d rather make bigger production stuff that isn’t so much about my personal life. It’s not healthy.’

Jesse Wellens’s Shocking News- Secret Daughter!

With the drama of their separation, Jesse Wellens revealed about having a secret daughter through the string of tweets. About his daughter, he said that after her birth he gave up her for the adoption years ago and we must say that the news is a total shock.

Source: pinterest

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The news was revealed just after his split with Girlfriend Jeana Smith, which was really tough considering the seven long years of relationship. He revealed as much information about his little girl as possible showing his whole effort to find the little angel that he gave up. He also revealed about moving to New Works in order to find her.


“Her name is Luchia. 13 years old,” Jesse tweeted the day after his big reveal

Jesse has since deleted his revealing tweets after one commenter said,@Jessewelle You need to take a step back and figure your shit out before posting all this on social media. You are an adult, act like one.” 

Source: J-14

With the title of Prankster and being famous for it, his story was not taken seriously. People thought this whole ‘long-lost daughter’ thing was just another joke but Jesse confirmed the news with the simple answer “it’s not” when a  fan asked him to confirm this isn’t a prank.

Although after that there has not been any kind of news regarding this, it is believed that Jesse cheated on his long-term girlfriend and resulted in a birth of a child who happens to the little girl he is in search of. But who knows it may just be another prank he tried to pull after his tragic split!

Jesse and Jeana reunite!

The ex-couple who has broken up in 2016, has united after years apart, but not in a romantic way. The pranksters reunited for a very good reason- for Ovarian CancerWalk. The function was held on a Saturday of 8th September 2018 in Philadelphia. The program is an annual program and is held by National Ovarian Cancer Coalition which aims to raise awareness and funds those who are battling the disease.

This is also an emotional event for Smith as her mother had passed away from ovarian cancer in 1999. Since then both of them have been very active in such events.

Jesse Wellens’s short Bio on Jesse Wellens:

Jesse Wellens is an American YouTube personality, prankster, vlogger, dancer, game commentator, music composer, and film producer. Along with Jeana Smith, they founded PrankvsPranktogether in 2009. He was in the Air Force for six years. Now he is producing short films in Venice Beach, California since his move from Brooklyn, New York City.

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