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YouTube sensation Late Daniel Kyre

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A teenage boy leaves home to pursue his dreams in the big city with lots of hope in his eyes. But suddenly, just after seven months, his parents find out that their son attempt suicide. This is the story of the YouTube sensation, Daniel Kyre who died after attempting suicide in 2015.

Hearing the news of the death of the son who went to live his big dreams in the big city was the biggest nightmare for Daniel’s parents.

Why did he decide to leave the world in between his dreams? What was the reason for his suicide? Let’s find out together here:

Source: The Sydney Morning (YouTube sensation Late Daniel Kyre)

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YouTube Sensation Daniel Kyre’s Suicide

Daniel Kyre made madcap videos in “Cyndago” with his some friends that went very popular on YouTube. Afterward, the very popular YouTuber  Mark Fischbach recognized by his YouTube name  Markiplier signed them with him. This was the turning point for the talented young musician and filmmaker to rise to the success.

The YouTube hits of Daniel included “We Dye our Hair!” showing a visit to the hairdressers and the companion music video “Blond Boyz”.

In between all this, his father texted him from South Carolina to know about how his life is going on for him in Los Angeles. His father said:

 “I ended the text asking him, ‘Are you happy?’ I never heard back. An hour later I heard from an LA ambulance asking me if I am the father of Daniel Kyre.”

Source: Mark (Cyndago members Matt Watson, Ryan Magee and Daniel Kyre with Markiplier)

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He was found in the critical condition after his suicidal attempt in his room. He used to live with  Fischbach and his Cyndago buddies from South Carolina, Ryan Magee, and Matt Watson. After the incident, Cyndago made a post on Facebook, saying:

“some very important and tragic news regarding Cyndago and our future”.

With the death of Daniel, Cyndago also came to the end. They had no plans to release any further videos, podcasts or songs. Moreover, they also requested anyone with suicidal thoughts or depression to get help.

Teachable things for all the parents of the teenagers

In this era, with the improvement of technology, depression, and anxiety is also going through the air. Especially teenagers go through the depression with the decreasing peer groups and more technology around them. Nowadays, people prefer to be more into mobiles and other things for entertainment rather than going out which leads to fewer peer groups.

In older generations, such public, the complete airing of depression may appear improper but Dr. Carr-Gregg welcomes it.

“The great thing about the online environment is it literally puts into practice what Shakespeare said about giving sorrow words. It is encouraging kids to write down their thoughts and feelings.”

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Source: Huffington Post (Depression)

According to Children’s e-safety Commissioner Alastair MacGibbon, teenagers underwent online relationships as “very intense and intimate” and just as notable as their offline relationships. Furthermore, he said:

“We need to respect that. I can’t overemphasise the importance of parents having active conversations with their kids, of actually knowing that they don’t just watch funny cat videos but are impacted by a whole lot of other activities online.” 

The only solution for this is talking about the problems and stress with other people which help in making feeling better and more relaxed. Communication in the real world is the way to reduce depression and anxiety.

Daniel Kyre and Markiplier

Daniel and Markiplier had been very good friends. They frequently collaborated in their youtube videos. In fact, Markiplier was the one who gave the group the opportunity to come to L.A.

Mark was very much affected by Daniel’s death and had even released a video of himself talking about it. Following the sad incident, he had taken a hiatus from youtube to focus on his personal life.

It is also reported that Mark has kept some of Daniel’s things including amps, keyboard, and desk.

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