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Full Name:Daniel Kyre
Age:28 years 8 months
Birth Date:July 06,1994
Lucky Number:11
Lucky Stone:Moonstone
Lucky Color:Silver
Best Match for Marriage:Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio
Death Date:September 18,2015
Birth Place:California
Marital Status:Single
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Youtube star Daniel Kyre is no more. The young YouTuber has committed suicide and taken his life which has been a tragic event for all the fans around the world. Let’s see the reason behind his sudden action of ending the life!

Daniel Kyre(Source: Youtube)

Daniel Kyre Journey of his life

Son of David Kyre who is no more among us left his house seven months ago to find his path to building his career in the big city. He was famous for the madcap youtube video “Cyndago” which he made with a couple of his mates also featuring the famous YouTuber Mark Fischbach aka Markiplier who has almost 10 million subscribers.

The young and passionate man also had the growing fan following with the hits like ‘We Dye our Hair!’ which contains a visit to the hairdressers and also the companion music video ‘Blond Boyz’.

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But the day of the tragic event in September on Wednesday, Mr. Kyre texted his son from South Carolina parsing his son for the hard work and how things are going well for him in Los Angels. Ending the message with a question-

“I ended the text asking him, ‘Are you happy?’ I never heard back. An hour later I heard from an LA ambulance asking me if I am the father of Daniel Kyre.”

But the normal conversation turned into serious when he got his reply with the news of son’s attempted suicide. Daniel was found in the critical condition when the help appeared and his Cyndago friends from South Carolina, Ryan Magee and Matt Watson. It was revealed that he had suffered from irreversible brain damage from an attempted suicide on the 16th of September 2015, and two days after the accident on the 18th of September 2015, he was taken off life support.

Although it sounds like just another story in LA being the celebs who had gain lots of fan following was shocking news to everyone and touched everyone in their own way. Also, it was an alarm for a parent to check on their children if they are going through something or has lost someone they felt close to.

“To minimize or trivialize this is a big mistake,” says Michael Carr-Gregg, child and adolescent child psychologist and managing director of the Australian-based Young and Well Co-operative Research Centre.

Cyndago buddies(Source: Youtube)

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“A lot of parents don’t understand that there are now in the lives of many young people ‘cewebrities’, literally cult heroes who are not part of the mainstream media.” 

“This guy without a doubt is a peer icon. Even though they don’t know him personally, the death [can] assume the same level of significance and is as important as when John Lennon died [for older people].”

Dr. Carr-Gregg said it could be a “teachable moment” for parents with teenagers. “It is a wonderful opportunity to talk about the irreversibility and finality of death.”

Daniel Kyre and Markiplier

Markiplier and Daniel had worked together and were good friends. Markiplier was not only friends with Daniel but also with Cyndago boys. In fact, Markiplier was the one who contacted the boys and gave them the opportunity to work in LA.

Markiplier, who frequently collaborated with Danial shared tweet regarding his friend tragic death.

Markiplier, as fans thought was greatly affected by Daniel’s death and had taken a long hiatus. It is also known (through his videos) that Mark has decided to keep some of Daniel’s things such as desk, keyboard, and amps.

Cyndago boys posts

Also one of the Cyndago boys shared his thought as well.

Cyndago posted on Facebook “some very important and tragic news regarding Cyndago and our future”

After the member was lost to suicide, Cyndago stopped posting the video, podcasts or songs. Also, they urged the people who are going through depression or any thought of suicide to get help and find the importance of life.

“We’re truly sorry that a story that brought so many people happiness had to have such a sad ending.” They have since promised a final upload “addressing the current situation”.

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Markiplier, 26, posted a tearful eight-minute piece to camera telling fans there were a “lot of raw feelings right now” and “a lot of unanswered questions”.

“I just want everyone to know that we are handling it, we are trying to move forward as best we can. Just send a lot of love to the other guys, they really need it right now.” 

The video was viewed  5.77 million times and after that, he was not active on youtube, but weeks later he resurfaced with 13-minute vlog which received 1.86 million views.

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In the video, he revealed that he was cleaning the house and getting a dog and a cat while waiting for his buddies Matt and Ryan to return from South Carolina. He also opened about seeing a therapist and he would only publish one video a day for a while, but:

“I finally feel I am in a good enough place to start coming back.”

Also added-“I loved every single thing that I learned from Daniel and I never want that to be tainted and I never want to be afraid of that.” 

In older generations, such public, the detailed airing of grief may appear unseemly but Dr. Carr-Gregg welcomes it. “The great thing about the online environment is it literally puts into practice what Shakespeare said about giving sorrow words. It is encouraging kids to write down their thoughts and feelings.”

Source: Deviantart

Children’s e-safety Commissioner Alastair MacGibbon talked about the young love and online relationship as “very intense and intimate” which is just as real as their offline relationships.

“We need to respect that,” he said. “I can’t overemphasize the importance of parents having active conversations with their kids, of actually knowing that they don’t just watch funny cat videos but are impacted by a whole lot of other activities online.”

May the Departed Soul Rest in Peace!

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