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Internet personality and YouTube star Ethan Bradberry has some interesting facets to his life and career as a YouTuber. Let us try to find out more about him.

 Ethan Bradberry’s early life and childhood

Ethan Bradberry, 24 has a younger brother called as Moe, 22. Besides Moe, it is said that he has one more brother and two sisters. There is not much information available about their parents and another family. He is the eldest brother who is known to be malicious and hateful. Some people have also called him as demented and psychotic.

Source: YouTube (Ethan and his brother Moe)

He possesses a murderous gaze. Moe, on the other hand, is quite calm and more responsible. However, Ethan often is seen dominating over Moe over many matters. Ethan is more calculative and his only aim in life seems to be to make as much money as possible from the web. Moe may seem to disagree on this matter.

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 Ethan Bradberry’s Career

Ethan and his brother Moe joined YouTube in March 2014. They have their own YouTube channel called as ‘OckTV show’. The pair forms the MoeandET duo. They mostly post unfunny viral pranks and social experiments. Through these, the two have managed to get more than 1.9 million subscribers for their YouTube channel.

They had named their first video as ‘Fighting Prank!-College Edition’. Two of their videos, ‘Asking for food’ (social experiment) and ‘Extreme Sitting of People Prank! (Girls Edition)’ garnered more than 25 million views which are phenomenal. Ethan has also worked with Roman Atwood on his videos. He has also involved the latter in his prank videos.

Source: (Ethan Bradberry)

His meme is ‘I’m Ethan Bradberry’. He usually starts his videos with this meme as an introduction. They get along well with SoFloAntonio. But they consider Ethan and Hila Klein as their enemies. This is mainly due to the fact that Ethan Kelin is in favor of funny but clean and child-friendly videos.

Ethan Klein does not like channels which do gambling and bets and has often spoken against them and also against the policies of the YouTube that allow these to run. Ethan Bradberry’s channel, though funny seems to not take care of the social responsibilities of the media towards society. This is not liked by Ethan Klein who often slams Ethan Bradberry through his videos.

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Source: YouTube (Ethan in Spider-man costume)

Ethan Klein found out that the two brothers were involved in ‘The Spider-man and Elsa conspiracy videos’. These videos are rather creepy, oddly arousing and weird and not good for children to watch. Due to Ethan raising his voice against such videos which could harm society and youngsters, it is believed that the two brothers are now in hiding.

 Ethan Bradberry’s relationships and affairs

Ethan Bradberry has never disclosed or discussed his love life on his channel. He has remained silent on this matter. So it is not sure as to whether he is dating someone or not. It is also not known whether he is married, has a wife and child or not.

Recently, Ethan Bradberry had tweeted that he is single. He wrote:

“I’m in a dedicated single relationship”

Of course, his fans and followers did not believe and replied him with sarcastic tweets.

Ethan Bradberry’s relations with his fellow YouTubers are also not so good. Ethan and Hila Klein always try to find ways to rectify him; which he does not like. Besides, Swedish YouTuber Pewdiepie very often makes fun of Ethan Bradberry in his videos. He repeatedly uses Ethan Bradberry’s meme (I’m Bradberry) in his video to poke fun at Ethan.

Source: YouTube (Ethan and Hila Klein)

In a February 3 Instagram post, he took another shot at Ethan and Hila. He had posted this video on Instagram captioned “Ummmm….
SLAMMING Ethan and Hila Klein !! Link in Bio”

Hope that all YouTubers could realize that this internet channel with such a wide circulation, reach and implications should be utilized for the good of the people! Any likely social or other harm caused by these videos needs to be prevented!

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