GloZell Green ( YouTube Star) Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education

GloZell Green ( YouTube Star) Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Education
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GloZell Green, an American YouTube personality, and comedian have gained fame with her YouTube channel which she established in 2008. Her life journey has been quite amazing. Let us explore her life from her childhood to the rise to stardom!

GloZell Green: Bio, Age, Parents, Education

GloZell Green was born in Orlando, Florida on 30th July 1972. Her mother is Gloria Green and her father’s name is Ozell Green. GloZell got her name from part of her parents’ names. GloZell has a sister who is named as DeOnZell who works as an opera singer.

GloZell attended the University of Florida and obtained a degree in Fine Arts with musical theater as the major in 1997. She tried her hands initially at her town in Florida before deciding to shift to Hollywood for better prospects.

Source: Twitter (GloZell with sister and mother)

Professional Career and rise to stardom

GloZell had a great potential which she gradually discovered. She migrated to California in 2003 to get into acting and comedy. She became part of ‘The Groundlings’ school in LA. Her favorite comedian is Jay Leno and at the school, she studied his way of comedy in detail. She attended 600 consecutive recordings of ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’.

She also set into doing interviews with other audience members. She made a blog of these interviews. She switched to YouTube and incorporated these interviews in a video form on it. She was told by some of the audience members that she had the potential to be hilarious herself.

Source: Forbes (GloZell)

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GloZell then started creating and uploading her own funny videos. Her first viral YouTube video was in 2008 and titled as ‘My push up Bra will help me get my man’. This video garnered around 20 million views by 2013. Encouraged by this response, GloZell ventured into making more videos.

She diversified into her daily life videos, celebrity impersonations, song parodies, and internet fads. Her translations of the original songs of great celebrities were a great hit. She also did a vlog with American actor Elijah Wood. This tended to increase her fan base.

Source: WBUR (GloZell interviewing Barack Obama)

Her other video which was extremely famous was the cinnamon challenge. It stood 4th of the viral video chart in 2012. Its views surpassed those of her 2008 video and in 2016 had reached a record of 48 million views. GloZell also got a chance to star in videos of other YouTubers. Her acting was liked and appreciated by her fans and subscribers. GloZell also joined the musical web series named ‘Dr. Fubalous’.

Besides being active on the digital platform, GloZell was also seen performing live and also on TV shows such as ‘The Laugh Factory’, ‘The Comedy Store, ‘The Improv’ and the like. GloZell also appeared on TV Talk shows. Since 2013, she does an annual free live variety show called GloZell Fest on which various celebrities and YouTube guests are invited.

Source: Getty Images (GloZell)

GloZell has also penned a book of inspirational poems called ‘Wait! Let me tell you’. She also made her own musical single. GloZell’s YouTube channel managed to gather more than 4 million subscribers and 700 million views. GloZell also got the opportunity to interview President Barack Obama at White House which was live-streamed.

She has lent her voice for animated films. She also made docu-series on her life and about her and her husband’s attempts to have a child and the surrogacy method they resorted to getting a baby! In June 2016, GloZell released her autobiography which dealt with her life with her ex-husband. It was titled ‘Is you Okay?’.

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Relationships, husband, divorce, and children

GloZell was married from 2000 to 2003. It seemingly was not a happy marriage. She divorced him within 3 years. The details of this relationship are outlined in her memoir titled ‘Is you okay?’. GloZell then dated and married her manager Kevin Simon. The marriage was solemnized on 9th August 2013.

Source: Celebrity Babies (GloZell, Kevin and surrogate Shawna with the newborn baby)

They tried for children but in vain. They then opted for surrogacy. Surrogate Shawna Johnson carried the baby of Kevin and GloZell to term. Their daughter O’Zell Gloriana De Green Simon was born on 4th August 2016. GloZell, 44 wanted to give her daughter a sibling and went in for a second child with surrogacy.

However after 9 IVF attempts, Shawna was able to carry the baby but in a video released on 20th February 2017, a tearful GloZell disclosed that Shawna had suffered a miscarriage.

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GloZell Green ditches green lips

In a Youtube video posted on her youtube channel, she gave the news. She has ditched her signature green lips and opted for muted lip shade, gorgeous curls, and an elegant wardrobe.

She also had shared that she has lost 75 lbs. She told in the interview:

“I like to think of it as an evolution more than a change. The truth is, and my audience has been seeing this happen in real time over the last couple of years, my life has evolved a lot — my career, motherhood, age! I’m really excited to share this new and more authentic version of myself with my audience and the world.”

She added on:

 “that green lipstick will never be fully retired! I have nothing but gratitude for it. I will say, I’m enjoying playing with different looks. And yes, not waking up with glitter all over my pillowcase will be nice too!”