Meet the YouTube Star, Hila Klein: Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth, Pregnant, Instagram, Husband

Hila Klein

Hila Klein is the co-owner of the h3h3productions or h3h3 YouTube channel. The channel uploads reaction videos and has more than 4 million subscribers. Who is Hila Klein? Where does she belong to? What is her life like? Let us fetch these answers.

Hila Klein was born on 12th December 1987 as Hakmon. She is from Tel Aviv, Israel. Her parents are of Jewish origin. Hila Klein has worked in the Israel Defense Forces for a couple of years. She had attained the rank of Ravturai (Rabat) which is equal to that of a Corporal.

Hila Klein’s birth and childhood

la Klein has graduated from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel.

She has a brother who is named Moses. She is shy of the camera and over time has managed to overcome it. She has a keen interest in arts and has attended training for it in Israel.

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Hila Klein’s career and love life

Hila Klein met her future husband in Israel when she was serving in the army. Her husband, Ethan Klein was on a visit to Israel as part of his Birthright Israel trip. The two fell for each other and soon started dating. At the same time, Hila Klein got involved with the internet industry. Ethan Klein also took up a job in Israel. The two then founded the h3h3productions channel on YouTube.

The couple released their first reaction video on the poem ‘Girls who read’. This was in November 2013. Some of the early videos which were posted online were actually Hila Klein’s projects when she was doing her college. They lived in a small apartment in Florentin, Tel Aviv, Israel. Recalling the apartment, Ethan Klein says that it was infested with cockroaches and other pests.

They mix reaction videos with sketch comedy. Hila Klein is actively involved in the making of the videos along with her husband.

Source: NY Daily News (Hila and Ethan Klein)

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Their channel is a clean one and it, in fact, criticizes the profanity and absurdity shown on the internet. They are not in favor of internet gambling websites and also are up in arms against some of the YouTube policies. They also discuss and participate in online controversies. The couple started two more channels which also have a good amount of traffic.

Hila Klein is also an artist and a painter. Her artworks could be seen in the background of many of their videos. She makes and also sells her artworks on the net. Her work involves ‘textas’ and making dunnies. In 2016, Hila Klein was honored with the Cinematographer of the Year award for her excellent camera work.

She has migrated to the USA with her husband much against the wishes of her parents.

Hila Klein’s wedding

Hila Klein and her boyfriend Ethan Klein were married in Israel. They tied the knot in 2012. After starting and working on their YouTube channel from Israel, the couple shifted to the USA. They first settled in Los Angeles but within a few months made their move to New York City. However, they again returned to Los Angeles and are no operating their channel from Los Angeles.

Their wedding was as per the Jewish traditions. There were fun and frolic and delicious treat.

Source: celeb LiveUpdate (Hila and Ethan Klein wedding photos)

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Hila Klein had worn a white-colored bridal gown whereas Ethan Klein was in a dark blue suit and pants. The couple has released some of their marriage photos online for all to see! Ethan Klein had also once discussed his proposal story in a posted video on his channel.

The couple does not have any children at present. But they do make an adorable couple and complement each other!

Hila Klein is expecting

During Hila’s and Ethan’s podcast, the married couple shared a happy news to their fans. They were expecting a baby as Hila was pregnant. They further revealed that they had been trying to conceive for 2 years and now Hila became pregnant naturally.

Hila explained:

“The last two months, we didn’t really try. We were like fuck this shit, whatever. If it happens, it happens, and we’re just not going to pay attention – and, of course, that’s when it happens. It’s so funny.”

“When I did the test, I felt like there was no way,”

Ethan also added his share of words saying he was terrified:

“I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m scared… We’re just so used to not getting pregnant.”

Congratulations to the new parents!

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