Who is YouTuber Jev’s girlfriend? Learn about his online gaming career and childhood!

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YouTube has given to the world a new generation of YouTube stars who have their own set of fame and popularity. Jev is one such modern YouTuber who posts videos on his YouTube channel for all to see. His gaming videos are liked by many people and they subscribe to his channel thereby giving him followers as well as fame. Jev earns through these videos. So how has been Jev career journey until now? What was his life like before he shot to fame? And how good has been his life and work? Let us quickly find out!

Jev and his family

Jev’s real name is Jason Eugene. This was the name given to him by his parents. He was born on 18 October 1993 in New Jersey, the USA. There is no information divulged of his parents and siblings. He has a mixed ethnicity-Indian, Puerto Rican, and African-American. There are some reports which state that Jev has 3 siblings.

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Jev is his taken name and he is also called as FaZe Jev since he is part of the FaZe clan. He had revealed that he was always curious about things around him and used to always question. He was also some sort of a rebel but this he now regrets. There is only sparse detail known about his childhood which is said to have been tough. He is said to be residing with his grandparents.

His early career

When young, Jev used to play indoor games and video games. He enjoyed it and also mastered it and also at the same time decided that he would turn it into a career.

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In the initial part, he used to do some full-time jobs. He soon took to making and editing videos and created his own YouTube channel named poketLWEWT in October 2009. He used to spend hours on it and sometimes used to forgo his sleep for it.

The gaming videos

He loved the video game ‘Call of Duty’ and started posting videos and commentaries on it. His gaming videos became famous and he soon got a chance to join the biggest gaming group in the US namely the FaZe clan. He is known for his pink headsets.

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The vlogging

He also used his YouTube channel to vlog. He started sharing his life experiences with his followers. He used to talk about his time growing up and also share his personal details with his fans. His YouTube channel has over 2.7 million followers and the videos have nearly 149 million views. His hilarious rants during the commentaries on his gaming videos make people like him. His work and videos are appreciated. He has a net worth of $ 1 million.

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Life on the personal front

Jev was said to be in a relationship with Alexis, AKA abstractsweater. He resides in New Jersey with her and they have a dog named Ahri and a new kitten called Cameron. Alexis, AKA abstractsweater is also a YouTube star and has some videos with Jev. She is also an avid player of online and video games. The due are very much in love with each other and post pictures together on the social media. They are also active on other social media platform especially Twitter.

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