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KSI quits YouTube

Swedish YouTuber Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji aka KSI was one of the most popular internet personality. He was the most influential person and was considered as ‘UK’s most Influential YouTube Creator’ by YouTube Lab in 2015. However, KSI had stopped uploading videos since early 2017. His fans and YouTube subscribers were shocked when there were no more videos posted on his channel.

Source: YouTube (KSI quitting YouTube)

They were wondering to what was the reason. His fans definitely missed his great videos. It was only in July 2017 that KSI disclosed to the world the real reason behind his quitting YouTube. He uploaded a video for his fans in which he explained as to why he did not now want to continue with YouTubing. KSI said that he was disappointed and not pleased with the way that YouTube was going. He said that he was unhappy with the direction taken by YouTube.

KSI leaves the Sidemen group

KSI had started a group with 5 other British fellow gaming YouTubers on 19th October 2013. It was named as Ultimate Sidemen (later called as only Sidemen) and consisted of KSI, Ethan Payne, Simon Minter, Josh Bradley, Tobi Brown, and Vikram Bam. In 2014, Harry Lewis also joined in.  They remained quite popular in 2014-2016. British rapper JME was also an unofficial member of the group. These group members were friends, recorded videos, and played games.

Source: Dexerto (The Sidemen Group)

They are all fans of FIFA and uploaded videos related to it and also started hosting their own events. Everything seemed to be going fine. But on 4th August 2017, KSI also tweeted his decision to leave Sidemen. KSI put up another video on 6th August stating that he would go solo and that he did not like Ethan Payne.

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He also mentioned in this video that he would be shifting into an LA apartment with YouTuber RiceGum and FaZe Bankz. People have doubted this fight as being staged and a publicity stunt. However, KSI has denied any such things and revealed that the fight in the group is a real one.

KSI’s Career

KSI had started his career on YouTube in 2011. He used to upload his raps. He also did a number of other songs and also released his solo in 2015 called ‘Lamborghini’. He collaborated with other rappers as well and released a number of music videos. His debut EP titled ‘Keep up’ was released in October 2015. On 29th July 2016, KSI also released his ‘Friends with Benefits’. He was also on the Euro game as a commentator but due to a controversy, Microsoft has banned him for life from the Eurogamer Expo.

Source: YouTube (KSI on ‘Friends with Benefits’ music video)

KSI also released two books; ‘KSI: I am a Bellend’ and ‘KSI: I am a Tool’. These two books are an open assault on the online universe. The books have described the history of the YouTube and the controversies around it. He also is to star in a movie with YouTuber Caspar Lee. KSI also does videos with his younger brother called Deji Olatunji or ‘ComedyShortsGamer’.

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KSI’s girlfriend splits with him

KSI was supposedly dating a fellow Italian YouTuber, Seana Cuthbert. She used to do videos with him. Born on 24th November 1994, Seana was probably in a relationship with KSI for a couple of years. On 28th August 2014, KSI announced on Twitter that he has split with Seana.

He deleted this tweet later on but 1 week later put up a video on which he affirmed that the two have indeed separated. He declared that they were still friends but it is also known that the two do not follow each other on social media anymore.

Source: YouTube (KSI and Seana Cuthbert)

On 22nd October 2014, Seana also uploaded a video explaining why she broke with KSI. She said that KSI was too busy with YouTube and had no time for anything else in life. KSI had also said that for him an ideal woman would be the one who would support him in his video creation and also promote his work.

She should also not crib if he is away on work for most of the time. He also said that for him, his career is his top priority at the moment and is too busy to even think about marriage.

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KSI’s net worth

KSI has made his career on Youtube. He reportedly earns £2.9 million ($4.5m) a year. However, his money is not only from Youtube only but from advertising revenue and sponsorships.

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