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Internet personality Tessa Brooks possibly had a recent friendship break-up! Tessa Brooks is a member of the group Team 10 on YouTube. Through this, she is associated with Jake Paul, Erika Costell, Chance Sutton, and other famous YouTube personalities.

Tessa Brooks in the Twitter War

The starting point was the two pictures posted by Alissa Violet on her Twitter. The two pictures were similar, except that in picture 2 the young lady had decided to erase her ‘friend’ Tessa Brooks out. It looked like she had photoshopped Tessa. In picture 2, she was seen standing all alone. She had captioned these two photos as:

“I am the Facetune queen.”

This prompted her fans and followers to speculate that all was not right between her and Tessa. They were unsure what the reason was for the bitterness between them but they guessed that it might be the Alissa-Jake Paul drama in early 2017.

Alissa later tweeted:

“No hate, the pic is just better with me,”

Erika Costell decided to intervene and wrote:

“I will never understand why ppl use their influence on social media for anything other than positivity.”

Alissa took it as mean that Erika had sided with Tessa instead of being with her. Hence she responded in 2 tweets thus:

“I mean if u had a group of ppl u thought would be there for u through everything, stab u in the back- u’d probably have a different opinion. …

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She continued:

“Pick your friends wisely kids. Never know whose gonna backstab, subtweet and keep your coach purse.”

Alissa earlier had also commented that there are some people do not fit into your life in spite of you wanting them to.

Tessa just tweeted that forgiveness is important and one should move on in life.

Tessa Brooks caught in Jake Paul-Alissa Violet messy drama

Alissa was very much a part of the group Team 10 and Jake Paul’s best friend or maybe a girlfriend. But something went wrong and their relationship ended. It was a messy breakup in public. It was said that Jake Paul had accused Alissa of cheating on him. Alissa was thrown out of his house and she was also banned from the group Team 10.  Alissa replied that she was never Jake Paul’s girlfriend and it was Jake who used to get home girls regularly.

Since Tessa Brooks sided with Jake and supported him in this feud, Alissa also cut her ties from Tessa Brooks. Hence in revenge, she had tweeted the above two pictures; one of which was photoshopped and without Tessa in it. However, this did not help her past friendship with Jake. This nasty move of Alissa only complicated matters and added more fuel to the fiery fight between Alissa and Jake.

Around a fortnight after this tweet drama, Jake and Tessa came out with a new rap video. Jake’s lyrics go as follows:

“And you know I kick them out, if they ain’t with the crew / Yeah, I’m talking about you, you beggin’ for attention talking s*** on Twitter, too, But you still hit my phone last night, it was 4:52,” he continues. “And I got the text to prove. And all the recordings, too / Don’t make me tell the truth.”

Tessa joins in:

“Let me educate you, and I ain’t talkin’ book / Panera is your home? So stop calling my phone, “I fly like a drone, They buyin’ like cologne / Yeah I smell good. Is that your boy’s cologne?”

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Tessa Brooks’s new controversy

Even as the old controversy has not subsided, a new one has already appeared. In the 3rd week of July 2017 video of the group Team 10, Jake is seen pushing Tessa really hard. This happened when Tessa Brooks was about to give Jake a hug as her boyfriend Chance Sutton was looking on. The fans and followers of this channel were seriously upset by the goings-on in the video.

They took to Twitter to express their anguish at Jake’s rude behavior with Tessa. They are aware that some of the videos might be staged, but nonetheless, they are not happy at this disrespect of a woman. Alissa had also recently tweeted that Jake had not been nice to her on many occasions.

It is really sad that the group is crumbling like a pack of cards!

On January 5, 2018, Tessa uploaded a video explaining why she left Team 10. Play it below!

Tessa Brooks new opportunity

It seems that Tessa has a new opportunity in her hands. She launched a capsule collection on 7th September 2018 alongside Los Angeles-based denim brand YMI Jeans.

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